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I am so excited to be participating in the 2nd ever Girly Books Blog Hop!Thank you to Libby Mercer for organizing yet another fabulous blog hop, this time on location, location, location.  Please read for your chance to win a $5.00 gift card from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  And don’t forget to read the posts of the other authors and bloggers for chances to win even more prizes and a fabulous grand prize!

What inspired me to write A State of Jane was my experience dating in New York City.  I have a boyfriend now but at the time, I was single and one after another, guys who seemed to be completely smitten with me would simply disappear.  Sometimes it was easy to figure out what happened, for instance, when the guy came on super strong, was oozing with charm and then never called me again when I refused to go home with him.  Other times, I was completely thrown.  Like the time a guy disappeared in the middle of an email exchange.  We had gone out several times and I thought we got along famously but once I confessed that I preferred Mr. Furley to Mr. Roper as the landlord on the television show Three’s Company, he ceased our email exchange and never asked me out again.  I didn’t hear from him until years later when he asked to connect with me on Linkedin of all places!  Another guy pulled a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on me in the middle of New Year’s Eve.  Yes, he was all touchy-feely and excited about ringing in the New Year with me at 11:59pm on December 31, 2007 but by 2:00am on January 1, 2008, he was more interested in his buddy at the sports bar he took me to after dinner.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the guy I was dating for a couple of months who made me breakfast at his place after a sleepover, showed me the home movies of his students practicing for crew, took a nice leisurely walk around the lake and waited with me for an hour after I missed my train, only to never call me again as well as ignore my phone call and email to him.  Not only did he lack the decency to initiate a “break-up”, he couldn’t even locate the balls to respond to an email I sent asking him if everything was ok.  If he didn’t want to see me anymore, he could have lied and written an email saying he was too busy with school to date.  That would have at least been an attempt to spare my feelings, but no, it was like I ceased to exist and it hurt.  I wasn’t in love with the guy but I felt so violated and, well, stupid!  I cried for days.

As mostly anyone who has been single for a significant period of time can tell you, dating in NYC is brutal.  I’m sure it is brutal elsewhere but NYC is a whole other type of brutal.  So, when I decided to write about a naïve woman who dives head first into the dating scene after a long term relationship, all optimistic and expecting to meet the love of her life, only to find an island full of men who are interested today and gone tomorrow, the location was a no-brainer – New York City – or as I like to call it “The planet of the flakes.”


In A State of Jane, there are many mentions of New York being a difficult place to find “the one.”  Without giving any spoilers, I thought I would share some of these lines with you:

“Yes, Manhattan is full of eligible bachelors.  Eligible bachelors who are looking to get laid, unemployed, not interested, or gay!”

“I’d like to know the reason God put all the asshole single guys on the island of Manhattan!  They are only good for one thing, some of them better than others.”

“I think normal has a different definition when it comes to guys in New York City. There are so many girls here that for guys it’s like eating at a Chinese buffet.  They want to sample everything.”

“I got him unjaded.  Unlike some of these others New York City guys.”

“I’d heard that New York City girls were a ruthless bunch but, blimey, I wasn’t expecting it from you.”  (Yes, sometimes we ladies are pretty messed up too….)

He just faded into oblivion – like every other guy I dated before him since my reentrance into the dating world. I didn’t think my mom would understand behavior like that was par for the course in New York City, especially since three guys flaked on me before I wised up.

“Not as difficult as finding a husband.”  I pointed out the window of the bus. “Especially in this Godforsaken city!”

“It’s because of the men in this city!  You dump us when we don’t sleep with you.  You dump us when we DO sleep with you.  And sometimes, you dump us for no reason at all!”

True that!

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Downton Pre-Premiere Q&A and Giveaway


In honor of the third season of Downton Abbey, which I have been awaiting anxiously ever since the last episode of Season 2, I have gotten together with 8 other authors/bloggers to pay homage to one of our favorite shows!  The 8 of us have answered 10 questions relating to the show. 

Please see below for your chance to win a copy of To Marry an English Lord by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace simply by sharing your own answers to our questions on our blog (giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only and runs until midnight Thursday, January 10th. Winner will be announced on January 11th.):

To Marry an English Lord:

From the Gilded Age until 1914, more than 100 American heiresses invaded Britannia and swapped dollars for titles–just like Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, the first of the Downton Abbey characters Julian Fellowes was inspired to create after reading To Marry An English Lord. Filled with vivid personalities, gossipy anecdotes, grand houses, and a wealth of period details–plus photographs, illustrations, quotes, and the finer points of Victorian and Edwardian etiquette–To Marry An English Lord is social history at its liveliest and most accessible.


Without further ado, our questions:

     1.         You’re planning a dinner party for the Downton crew – who would be No. 1 on your invite list?

I would choose Lady Sybil Crawley Branson.  I find her rebellious spirit to be admirable (and often humorous) and I would probably invite a more conservative guest or even a blatant male chauvinist just to facilitate a passionate debate at the table.  I loved the way Sybil fiercely supported Gwen’s desire to move on from her housemaid duties at Downton to become a secretary.  Perhaps that supportive nature would lend itself to telling her family and all of their friends about my books!  Finally, I must admit to having a slight girl crush – she’s beautiful. 

     2. Whose closet will you raid before the party?

Lady Mary for sure.  Her wardrobe includes some pretty sexy dresses and they show more skin than the dresses her sisters wear.   I wasn’t a fan of Sybil’s harem pants…

    3.  Once your guests have arrived who are you most likely to flirt with?

Matthew Crawley.  Hopefully I can get to him before he marries Mary or perhaps I can convince him that I am Mary since I also go by the name “Meri”. 

   4. Who will you likely smack before the dessert course?

O’Brien – She’s such a malicious, conniving wench! When she tripped Bates in the first season, I wanted to smack her, but that would be a lot more fun to do while her mouth is full of food!  I prefer not to invite her at all but the opportunity to do a little physical harm is a small incentive. 

  5. Let’s adjourn to the drawing room for some not-so-polite conversation: What’s your theory on Patrick Gordon aka The Bandaged Man?  Impostor or legitimate Crawley?

I tend to be extremely trusting; overly trusting, in fact, until I am proven otherwise (and often hurt in the process).  As a result, my initial reaction to The Bandaged Man was that he was the real Patrick Gordon.  My instinct is to believe that he is Lady Edith’s one true love and that she will agree to marry Sir Anthony Strallan only for Patrick to return with proof of his identity mere seconds after “I dos” are exchanged.  That’s totally what would happen on General  Hospital!

In actuality, I’m pretty certain The Bandaged Man was a greedy imposter trying to get his hands on the Crawley fortune 🙂.

   6. How about Bates?  Did he do it?  Could he do it?  If not, who killed Vera?

Here goes my trusting nature again, but I do not believe that Bates murdered his ex-wife for one second!  I think he is more than capable of killing someone in order to defend  himself and the people he loves, but I do not believe he is capable of murder despite the wretched behavior of his ex-wife. 

My thoughts?  I believe that Thomas murdered Vera because he could not stand that Bates not only held his coveted position but was also happy and in love with Anna.  Unlike Bates, I absolutely believe that Thomas is capable of pre-meditated murder. I do not think that O’Brien was a part of or privy to his plan because, while I cannot stand her, I do not think she is capable of murder.  I do feel that Thomas will eventually confide in her and she will keep his secret.  Or perhaps in a rare display of good judgment and kindness, she will report what she knows and help free Bates.  Yeah, right. 

   7. Favorite quip from The Dowager Countess

Oh my, there are so many but this one made me laugh out loud:

Dowager Countess of Grantham: “You are quite wonderful, the way you see room for improvement wherever you look.  I never knew such reforming zeal.”

Isobel Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”

Dowager Countess:  “I must have said it wrong.”

  8.  Favorite Downton Spoof –

I love this one from Stephen Colbert.  The comedian’s parody, titled “Breaking Abbey,” shows the “Downton Abbey” characters cooking meth in their English estate and fighting drug lords in the desert.—breaking-abbey

   9. Now you’ve done it! You’ve landed a guest spot on the show.  What is your storyline?

Well, I would definitely want to be a socialite so that I could wear the pretty period clothes.  The staff has such a limited wardrobe.  How about the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Grantham from a romance he had before his arranged marriage to Cora?  After her mother’s early death, she comes to wreak havoc on her “dead beat dad” and try to get her hands on the Crawley fortune, perhaps through blackmail.  Either Mary and Sybil will find out and get her thrown out on her ass or she will develop a true relationship with her sisters, win the approval of father and even Cora and they will welcome her into their home.  I prefer the latter option as it allows for a permanent role on the show!   

  10. What would you like to see happen in series three.

Mary and Matthew will get married!  Bates will be freed and he and Anna will be allowed at least a brief reprieve from the constant misfortune that seems to follow them.  O’Brien and Thomas will continue their hijinks and cause problems for everyone on the staff but basically chase their own tails and get nowhere closer to reaching their goals of higher positions and respect in the household.  And I think a mysterious, gorgeous woman should show up at the mansion claiming to be the Earl’s first born daughter!

For your chance to win a copy of To Marry an English Lord, please comment with your answer to question 10 – WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAPPEN IN SEASON 3?  And for extra chances to win, please visit the other blogs below and share your answer to the specified question.

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Also, if you are planning on watching the premiere on Sunday, January 7th please join us for a fun, interactive Twitter chat (#DowntonGala).  Finally, please follow our blogs every Monday during Season 3, where one of the participating authors will be posting a recap of that week’s episode.  


Happy viewing!

Black Friday Blog Hop – Jane’s holiday wish-list!


Happy Black Friday! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinners and ate until you needed to pop open a button in your pants. I know I did! Thank you to Carrie Anne Ryan for hosting this fabulous blog hop and for allowing me to participate! One lucky commenter will win a $5 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card. There are also THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

 1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $75 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

 Read on for instructions on how to win! 

With the holiday season officially upon us, it goes without saying that list-maker extraordinaire Jane Frank, the character of my newest novel, A State of Jane has her Christmas list already prepared and ready to go. I thought it would be fun to share her list with you. I’ve also shared Jane’s own letter to Santa Claus.

Dear Santa,

I hope you had a great year! I can’t believe it’s already time to tell you what I want for Christmas and for the coming year. I’ve been a nice girl this year, with some notable exceptions, yes, but even nice girls get to be naughty sometimes too, right? Um, ok let’s continue. For the coming year, I’d really appreciate if you could arrange for the following gifts and blessings to be sent my way.

1. Acceptance letter from Columbia Law. I know I have to make more time to study for the LSAT and I promise I will as soon as things calm down in my personal life!

2. Lose 5 pounds. I have been going to the gym A LOT lately and even though I’ve also been experimenting with new recipes, I think the effort I’ve made to exercise should count for something. I mean, Lainie practically begs me to make my special macaroni and cheese recipe and Marissa loves my red velvet cupcakes and I can’t possibly show up to brunch at my parent’s house empty-handed. It’s only fair that I get to at least eat too, right?

3. Speaking of food, I would L.O.V.E. the Top Chef 9-piece Cutlery Set

4. A healthy little niece or nephew that I could spoil and dress up in cute clothes!

5. Nanette Lapore Tea For Two dress with cutout detail on front. So pretty but SO expensive!

6. La Mer moisturizing lotion – my mom says if I start using it now, I can probably delay the aging process for at least a few more years!

7. Michael Kors Fragrance holiday gift set

8. Finally, if you could make it so I met my soul mate this year, I would gladly agree to go to Fordham law instead of Columbia and lose only two pounds! And I could probably wait until I’m 30 to start using La Mer…

Thanks, Santa!

Love always,
Jane Alexis Frank

Jane’s Holiday Shopping List:

Lainie (roommate) – A journal from Kate’s Paperie to document activities with boy-toy of the week; coupons good for a week of dinners made by Jane; bottle of Baileys Irish Creme.

Marissa (BFF) – Season one of True Blood on DVD; Copy of Men are from Mars women are from Venus; giant homemade chocolate chip cookie with Jane’s special secret ingredient; four piece What on Earth U2 album coaster set

Andrew (officemate)– Twenty-four pack of Night Light glow in the dark condoms; Christopher Moore’s book You Suck

Claire (older sister)– Bottle of prenatal vitamins; $50 gift certificate to Loews/AMC movie theaters (to share with husband, Kevin); cashmere hat, glove and mitten set from Bloomingdales; Kate Spade Nook Cover (from outlet).

Bob (ex boyfriend) Gift Certificate to Bar 29 for $25 beer/wings to watch “Cuse” basketball.

Kevin (Brother-in-law) – autographed copy of Red, White and Brew. An American Beer Odessey by Brian Yaeger; $50 gift certificate to Loews/AMC movie theaters (to share with Claire)

Mom – Frank Girl’s-Day-Out including facials and anti-wrinkle treatment at Mario Badesco Day Spa followed by sushi dinner at Bond Street (halfsies with Claire)

Dad – Ping Nome 355 Golf Putter (halfsies with Claire and Kevin) Lunch on me after father/daughter walking (subway?) tour of NYC law schools

One lucky winner – $5 Amazon giftcard. All you need to do is leave a comment with your email address.

Please see the attached link for the other participating authors and GOOD LUCK!

And the winner is!

Thanks to those of you who participated in the 350 “likes” on Facebook giveaway!  I am pleased to announce that the winner, chose randomly by my boyfriend picking a name out of a hat, is Ericasz!  Congratulations Erica!  I will be in touch separately by email.

I appreciate everyone who entered and will definitely host another giveaway in the future.  In the meantime, I would be so pleased if you would download the book anyway.  Only $2.99 and, in my humble opinion (completely unbiased of course), worth every penny!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

350 “likes” giveaway!

 I have now reached 350 “likes” on my Facebook Author Page and, as promised, I am going to give away a free ecopy of A State of Jane to one lucky winner 🙂

For your chance to win, all you need is to comment on my blog with the name of the book you would most like to see made into a movie or a television show and why.  Also, you have to like my Facebook Author Page.  If you don’t like my page, I cannot make you a winner.  Sorry!

 Here is the link to my Facebook Author Page:!/MeredithSchorrAuthor

 I’m excited to see your answers! Contest ends at midnight on Wednesday November 21st and winner will be announced on Wednesday!