International Chick Lit Month Author Blog Hop


Welcome to my stop on the Second Annual International Chick Lit Month Author Blog Hop!

As you probably know by now, one lucky hopper will win the GRAND PRIZE: A FREE Kindle Keyboard 3G, with Free 3G + Wi-Fi, and a 6″ E Ink Display. That lucky grand prize winner will also receive a “chick lit starter library” filled with great chick lit books written by the indie authors participating in the blog hop. Please see bottom of post for instructions.Β  For More Information Click Here:

The topic of this Blog Hop is “What’s on Page 25” and today, I am sharing the contents of page 25 of my chick lit novel, A State of Jane.


On page 25 of A State of Jane, my main character, Jane Frank, is assuring her doting father that she is studying hard for the LSAT exam. There’s one problem though: Jane is lying.

Jane’s father is definitely her favorite of her two parents as she considers her mother to be a bit on the critical side. Whereas her mother often encourages Jane to wear dark clothes to disguise her curvier lower half, Jane can do no wrong in her daddy’s eyes and she’s a daddy’s girl to the Nth degree. Since she was a little girl, Jane and her father talked about working side-by-side on multi-million dollar deals as legal partners. Jane’s life plan includes kicking butt on her LSAT exam so that she can get into a top tier law school like the Ivy League Columbia.

Unfortunately, Jane’s life plan also includes finding a serious boyfriend. She waited the requisite year after breaking up with her first and only boyfriend of nine years and is ready (and eager) to fall in love again. Jane is afraid that if she waits too long to commence the boyfriend search, she will start law school single and have no time to date. After a few “false-starts” on eHarmony, Jane is getting ready for a first date with a guy she randomly met at an ATM machine and her daydreams about their future together are getting in the way of her studies. (Win the grand prize! The 7th secret word in the 25-word sentence is: Blog) Jane is positive that she can juggle preparations for the exam with her romantic aspirations and she does not see the need to concern her father with minor details like how much she has strayed from her studying schedule ( a lot).

Does Jane really have it all under control or is she about to encounter a rocky road on both the academic and romantic fronts? You must read the book to find out and I hope you will πŸ™‚

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  1. Meredith, I felt like I was reading A STATE OF JANE all over again. Such a terrific book and crazy great fun as Jane stumbles, falls, then picks herself back up again.

    Thank you so much for participating in the second annual Chick Lit Author Blog Hop in celebration of International Chick Lit Month held every May. Such a honor to host you and the other 24 great indie writers on my book blog, Chick Lit Chit Chat.

    And I’ll see you at the BookBuzz 2013 on May 30 in NYC!


  2. Your book sounds great! I’m absolutely loving finding all these fellow Chick-Lit authors from the blog hop. My library queue is about to get 25 books longer…Man, I wish I lived in NYC. Stupid Colorado…

  3. Libby Mercer says:

    Such a fantastic book! It just occurred to me: I think Jane has a bit of a Lucille Ball quality to her in both her naivety and in her comic antics. And I do love Lucy. Great read! πŸ™‚

  4. Great post, Meredith! You know how much I enjoyed A State of Jane–and I can’t wait for your next book! Take care!

  5. I love all of your books, Meredith, and I can’t wait for your next one! You are one of my favorite writers and people, and I miss Jane!

    Samantha Stroh Bailey

  6. Well, now I’m just as curious to meet Jane’s parents as I am to meet Jane! What a great teaser, Meredith! I am looking forward to reading ASOJ very soon.

  7. Really enjoyed this book Meredith! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  8. I’m very much looking forward to reading this! Soon as I finish working on my own “Jane” book I’m going to get to this one!

  9. Meredith – this sounds so cute! And a great cover. Looking forward to reading it. Glad to be on the HOP with you!

  10. Kim Pinch says:

    hmmm…being a parent of 2 in college I am a little scared to read this and find out what my girls might really be doing πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Meredith,

    This is my first year doing the Blog Hop and I’m so happy I stumbled on it and all these great blogs! I haven’t read your book yet – but I have been trying to find the perfect book to read next. I think I found it!


  12. State of Jane looks so good! I have it on my Kindle and I’ll be moving it up the queue right away!

    • Thank you Rachel! I think I have two of your books on my Kindle! I wish I could get a third job as a professional reader. Trademark Paralegal/author/reader. Sounds good to me πŸ™‚

  13. Looks like a great book, Meredith. Great meeting you on this blog hop! Barbara

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