Where I’m at A-Z Pandemic edition

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather in New York City was beautiful and I went running on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I try to get out early and beat the crowds. That way, I get my fix of fresh air and don’t feel like I’m missing anything stuck indoors the rest of the day. My critique partner returned the first 150 pages of my novel! The good news is she loves the book so far and gave me a lot of constructive feedback and suggestions to make it even better. The bad news is now that I’m revising again, I won’t be posting daily blogs for a while. To conclude this blogging marathon (not forever just “for now”), I’ve brought back an oldie but goodie: Where I’m at from A-Z Pandemic Edition. Enjoy!

I Already wish it was Friday.
I’m Bored with my own company. We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately!
I need another cup of Coffee. Mondays.
I’m Debating virtual Dating. (See my blog last week!)
I’d rather be Editing my 9th full-length novel right now.
Which Face mask should I wear today?
My main character’s last name is Gellar. Her first name is not Monica. Or Ross.
I’m Hungry.
At least It’s almost lunchtime.
Jokes on me. It’s 9:30 in the morning.
Ketel One is decent vodka, but I prefer Tito’s.
Now is it time for Lunch?
Memorial Day is next week—Beaches and BBQs with friends await.
or Not.
Or not.
I might visit my Parents again this weekend.
Quiet, please. I haven’t told them yet.
Revisions are fun!
This post is Silly.
Upload on Amazon Prime was so good!
Did someone say Vaccine?
Work is calling 😦
Xebec. I don’t know what it means, but it’s a word that starts with an X.
You think you can do better?
Zoom used to be at Box 350 Boston Mass 02134. Now it’s in my computer.

dating in the time of Corona

I’m not doing it.

End of blog.

Just kidding. Let’s discuss.

When I thought the restaurant/bar closings, instructions to stay at home, and warnings against close contact with others would last several weeks to a month, dating was something I was happy to put on hold. I didn’t see the point. The idea of spending significant time communicating before meeting, as would have to be the case right now, leaves me cold. Before I am vested in someone—something that doesn’t happen until we meet—I find texting or talking on the phone with them to be boring and time consuming with no guarantee of an ROI. Many enjoy this aspect of dating, but I try to keep it to a few exchanges back and forth to give me some indication of whether we click and, if so, make a date to meet face-to face. I typically don’t rule out giving it one in-person date if the first text exchange or phone call is “blah,” because you never know what kind of chemistry can spark in person, but I prefer to leave it at one phone call/handful of texts. I didn’t enjoy the banter with the guy I was talking to at the beginning of all this enough to continue knowing it would be a long time before we could meet so I let the communication drop off…as one does…and haven’t bothered with the app since.

I regularly receive emails from Meetup groups about virtual singles events they are hosting. So far, I have deleted them all without reading. Now, two months in and with no clear end in sight, I’m starting to wonder if I should reconsider attending these virtual events. Unlike talking on the phone or texting, I will actually “see” these men—their facial expressions and how they react to me in the moment—which may be enough to determine if there’s in-person chemistry. And maybe it could lead to sitting six feet apart at a park with a mask between us for a “real” date of sorts even if that’s as far as it can go. (I’m not risking my life to get naked with anyone right now…) I just don’t know. Not to mention, I haven’t had my hair done, worn makeup, or dressed up in months. I prefer to look my best on dates. Do I have it in me to make the effort?

I’m torn. Am I wasting this chunk of time…this opportunity…to truly get to know someone without the pressure of taking things to another level? The casual nature of dating these days (before the virus) is something I’ve never been comfortable with. This could actually be a perfect time to meet someone, and I have way more time on my hands than normal. Then again, wherever (or whenever) you go there you are. Douchebags will be douchebags even in the time of Corona. Do I want to add dating stress on top of all the other havoc this virus has wreaked on my mental state?

What do you guys think? Should I go for it? Are any of you “dating” right now? Care to share your experiences? Let me know in the comments!

I will not be posting tomorrow or over the weekend, but I will see you back here on Monday. Happy Weekend everyone, and stay safe!

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