I heart television!

I have an unwavering devotion to the medium of television. Over the past couple of weeks, my regular television shows were on a winter hiatus and sadly, the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels ceased broadcasting their corny-yet-I-can’t-get-enough-of-them holiday movies. I’m not a fan of repeats unless they are for shows no longer on the air – I can watch repeats of Beverly Hills 90210 and Felicity from dusk to dawn – and there was no way I was going to forgo watching television until my favorite shows returned. So, what did I do? Fortunately, I own a Roku device which allows me to watch shows on Hulu Plus on my television set. Hulu Plus has episodes of so many shows that are no longer on the air. Without Hulu Plus, I never would have discovered one of my favorite shows of seasons past – Fringe. I love Walter Bishop, and his son Peter was kind of a hottie! I am also fascinated by the idea of an alternate dimension. This time around, I chose Lost since I never got into it when it was originally aired. After the first episode, I became undeniably hooked and am now already halfway through the third season. I even dreamed about Sawyer last night but, unfortunately, it was not one of those types of dreams 🙁 I am dying to find out more about “The Others” and “The Dharma Initiative” and whether “Freckles” will end up with Sawyer or Jack.

Since many of the current shows are airing first run episodes again and others will start soon, I will have to limit my time watching Lost at least for a while, but rest assured, I will absolutely watch the entire series at some point. In the meantime, these are some of the current shows I am most excited to get back to:

The Following – I do not believe for a second that Joe Carroll is dead. I’m just really glad they didn’t kill off Mike the way they did Deb. Word to the wise: do not eat while watching this show. It is graphically violent but very addictive!

Revenge – I can’t believe the producers resorted to giving Emily amnesia. They should change the name of the show to Revenge of All of My Children at General Hospital since amnesia is a total soap opera cop-out! But I love it!

The Black List – It’s so obvious that Elizabeth is Red’s daughter but I like their relationship. And I have a huge crush on Elizabeth’s husband and hope he’s not actually a bad guy.

Downton Abbey – I mourned the death of Matthew, but I still anticipate Sunday nights with a fervor. Lady Edith is my favorite.

Parenthood – Every episode of this show moves me. Currently, I am concerned that Julia and Joel won’t be able to work things out. I also hope Drew loses that douche bag “friend with benefits” Natalie – hate her!

How I Met Your Mother – This season is really pissing me off but I’ve already invested so many years in it and I must see how it concludes. I’m hoping it won’t end with Ted simply meeting “the mother” since we’ve known who she is all season. I want to watch them fall in love.

Grimm – I like the chemistry between the characters more than anything else. It reminds me of the “Scooby Gang” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Another show to avoid watching while eating. Really gross!

Criminal Minds – This show is SICK and, once again, if you watch while eating, you might get sick too. But…I am riveted to my television screen.

The Mindy Project – Hilarious. I totally want Mindy and Danny to hook up already but the show would probably jump the shark if they did. The only thing that bothers me about this show is how easily Mindy meets guys in New York City who turn out to be “boyfriends” – completely unrealistic look at dating in NYC. But, again, hilarious. By far my favorite sitcom.

Castle – Nathan Fillion. ‘Nuff said.

Other shows I enjoy and watch when I’m around but don’t necessarily keep up with are:

The Goldbergs

The Millers

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

The Big Bang Theory

Law & Order: SVU

And, of course, there is the train wreck known as The Bachelor. I will admit that I skipped the first episode as the show only gets enjoyable to me when the competition really gets going. I also think I might be outgrowing it. If I hear another twenty-four year old talk about how she’s been looking for her soul mate her “entire life”, I might have to reach inside my television screen and kick her in the gut. I’d like to see a thirty/forty-something version that I might actually be able to take seriously, but I think that would defeat the purpose of the show. Oh, well.

What about you? What are you favorite television shows?


  1. Chrissy on January 8, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    I am in love with Downton Abbey!!! I love Mr. Carson. I loved Matthew. Branson is more likeable. I could go on…but I won’t.

    I also love Parenthood. I’m worried about Julia and Joel as well. My worries started before this last episode, probably during the holding back of Victor. I don’t like benefits girl either. I want more of Hank and Sarah. I wish Zeke would have booked a ticket, too.

    Great post! Thanks!

    • meredithgschorr on January 15, 2014 at 11:11 am

      I felt exactly the same about Zeke on Parenthood! I also wanted him to tell her he missed her. My heart broke for Julia last week when Joel said he really didn’t think they could be fixed. He’s being an ass!

  2. Books in the Burbs on January 10, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    I agree…while “my shows” were on hiatus, I did venture into watching some reruns of shows I wasn’t following. From doing that, I now watch The Millers…hilarious and stellar cast! I am so with you on The Blacklist, my ultimate fav show of the season. But, her husband seems a bit creepy to me. If you aren’t Clark Kent, you aren’t allowed to look gorgeous in black frame glasses and not pull out a cape. Unless….you are the bad guy! 😉

    • meredithgschorr on January 15, 2014 at 11:12 am

      Haha, you’re probably right about the cute husband (his name escapes me right now…) being bad. But he’s just so cute 🙁

  3. Elke on January 14, 2014 at 2:00 pm


    I also didn’t want to get stuck watching reruns so I taped shows that other people were buzzing about and then I could decide later if I wanted to watch them or not. I’m glad I did! I used the hiatus to get caught up on Nashville. I didn’t like some of the actors that’s why I didn’t tune in initially but now I’m hooked! I also caught up on movies I didn’t have time to watch while I was watching all my regular shows.

    Love Downton although this season is kind of eh. Love the Blacklist. I’ve heard buzz about The Americans and Homeland so I’ll probably tape those and watch later. For now, I can’t miss Blue Bloods or Hawaii 5-0, Person of Interest is great, Arrow, and Scandal will be back soon. If you don’t watch Scandal…highly recommend it. That show chews you up and spits you out! I’m exhausted after I watch that show but wow…it’s amazing.

    Keep the recommendations coming!!!

    • meredithgschorr on January 15, 2014 at 11:14 am

      I’ve been told about Scandal but the first season is not available on Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime and with all of the other shows I watch, I don’t feel like paying for this one. Eventually, it will be on Hulu Plus and I will catch up. I agree that Downton is a bit boring so far this season…Hopefully it will pick up.

  4. rcandlen on January 15, 2014 at 11:02 am

    I agree with everything you said about the shows I watch (Bachelor, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Mindy), with one exception. I was so bored and disappointed by the premiere of Downton. I haven’t even watched episode 2 yet. Hopefully it was better?

    Last week’s Mindy episode cracked me up with Danny training her. She’s hilarious.

    My new fave right now is Breaking Bad. I got Brian Netflix for Christmas because he’d been dying to watch it. We’ve been binge watching ever since and are almost done with the whole series already. It’s addictive!

  5. meredithgschorr on January 15, 2014 at 11:15 am

    I agree that Downton is a bit disappointing so far this season! Never watched Breaking Bad but it’s on my list…Love Mindy and Danny. I want them to get together SO badly but the show will jump the shark as soon as they do… Thanks for commenting!

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