gonna have to face it, you’re addicted…

I currently have several windows open on my computer.  While working in Outlook, I can easily click to Pandora Radio if the co-workers behind me get chatty and I need to drown out the sounds of their giggling.  If I see that I’ve received a new email in my Hotmail account, I can quickly click to see who it’s from.  Since I am constantly making changes to my trademark docketing system, I have the system open for ease of access. 

Just a few moments ago, I also had my Twitter account open, but the number of new tweets being sent by the people I followed continued to tally at a crazy fast speed and I realized I was becoming compulsive about reading each new tweet as it arrived. Not only was I obsessed with reading the tweets of others, but my brain was busy churning out new tweets for me to send – some to promote my book, others to support other authors I follow and whose books I’ve read and enjoyed, others to thank people for following me and others to simply express myself creatively in 140 characters or less.  I found my mouth open in awe at the number of creative tweets sent by my fellow authors, the multitude of conversations being carried on between various twitters, the links attached to tweets advising of new reviews, guest posts etc.  And all I could think about was that I couldn’t possibly keep up.  Not if I wanted to keep my day job, maintain a social life, burn the highly caloric meals I consume every day, keep up on my favorite television shows and, last but not least, write another book.  But I could probably keep my eyes fixed to my Twitter page 24/seven with little effort.  No lie! I can almost feel my eyes glossing over from reading one tweet after another. It’s so damn addictive and I, Meredith Gail Schorr, fear I am on the road to Twitter addiction.  I’m a very addictive person, thankfully not to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, shopping, overeating or any of the other ____’s anonymous for which meetings are held.  I *dabble* in some, but am not addicted!  But here are some of the things to which I am addicted:

Sushi – My name is Meredith and I am a sush-aholic.  If I go more than a week without it, I get the shakes.   

Hats – they are just so cute and I feel like Mary Tyler Moore whenever I wear one. I buy them.  Often.

Playing with my hair – I can’t stop.  Ask my mom.  Ask my boss.  Ask anyone who has spent significant amounts of time with me. 

Wondering if my ass is too big for the rest of my body.  I’ve been told it’s kind of nice but I think it’s just kind of big. 

Reading chick-lit books.  It would be nice to expand my horizons into another genre, for instance, mystery, crime, romance, literary fiction, graphic novels, erotica.  But each time I go for my Kindle, yup, chick-lit. 

Drinking – oops, didn’t I mention above that I was not addicted to alcohol?  Oops.

Men – You penis-bearing people consume my every thought.  I hate you.  I love you!  I hate you.  I love you.

Television – To those of you who limit the amount of television you watch to one hour a day, why??

Exercise – Like sushi, if I go more than a week without it, I get the shakes.  Except substitute a “week” with a day.

Sleep – I keep hearing from my fellow authors that they get up extra early in the morning to write.  Or they go to sleep super late to write.  No can do.

Music – Everything is better with music.

Between sleeping, wondering if my ass is too big while exercising with my iPod, watching television, eating sushi (with a beer), reading chick-lit books and men, it might explain why it takes me at least a year to write the first draft of a novel!   

I’m off to battle another addiction.  Guess which one.  And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @meredithschorr 🙂


  1. Natalie on December 8, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    I’m with ya! The only reason I haven’t had a drink since Sunday is because I got food poisoning on Monday!

    We have many addictions in common. Except. Um. Can’t really relate to the exercise one – wish I could!

    • Meredith on December 8, 2011 at 4:23 pm

      Haha – laughing at your comment not about the food poisoning!

  2. Natalie on December 8, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Hehh…Your men addiction made me snort – (Tiny “I love you”)

  3. Michelle on December 8, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Twitaholics Anonymous would have chock full meetings. I am so busy in my job now that I can’t keep up during the day like I used to but I still check in and chatter as much as possible.

    Sushi, TV, Men, Music, Sleep,Drinking…check, check, check.

    • Meredith on December 10, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      Michelle, I feel much less weird now that I know you guys share some of my addictions. Perhaps I don’t need help after all!

  4. Ashley on December 19, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Reading, Sleep, TV, Men – Check, Check, Check, Check.

    Sushi – Not check! Gag. Oh, how I wish I liked Sushi! I’ve tried, and I just can’t do it. Is there something I’m missing?

    This made me giggle :).

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