Seattle observations

I just returned from a four day vacation in Seattle. Since it’s about time for me to post my weekly blog, I figured I’d let you all know what I learned about the “Emerald city” during my four days:

1. Seattle is sometimes referred to as the Emerald City. Not sure why, but will look it up before I post this blog.

2. It didn’t rain nearly as often as I feared. In fact, of the four days, two were completely void of rain – Thursday and Saturday. The sky was bright and sunny both of those days, although pretty cold on Thursday. Since shopkeepers everywhere I went commented, “so nice for the sun to come out!”, it was clear that the sunny weather was not expected.  Perhaps the sun came out in my honor!

3. Even when it did rain, it was much more comfortable then when it rains in New York. A) The rain came down much lighter than the downpours we get here and B), the air quality was better – not muggy or humid.

4. The coffee in Seattle tastes amazing and the presentation is pretty too. I had coffee in several different establishments and, with the exception of 7-Eleven, was sad to hit the bottom of my cup.

5. The coffee at 7-Eleven is just as bad in Seattle as it is in New York.

6. If you spend all day at the Pike Marketplace, you can probably snack on enough food samples to avoid paying for any meals all day.  The vendors are very generous with the samples, especially the fruit, jam, nuts and dried fruit.

7. The fruit is huge! I couldn’t even finish a whole apple and I’m usually a plate cleaner. 

8. The apples are amazing! I bought a bunch to take home.  Although the Honey Crisp were really good, I chose Jazz since you currently can’t buy them in New York. 

9. There appear to be more St. Louis Cardinals fans than Texas Ranger fans in Seattle, at least at the Crab Pot where we ate during exciting game 6 of the World Series.  I was rooting for Texas since they’d never won before. And yes, I am still a Yankees fan and no, I don’t think it’s hypocritical that I usually root for a team that has won more World Series championships than any other team!

10. No one jaywalks in Seattle. Even when no cars are coming, folks wait until the light changes and the sign says “walk.”

11. People in Seattle walk slow!

12. The security line at SEA-TAC moves SO slow and no one cares. (Aside from that impatient chick from NYC who was tapping her foot and glaring at the people in front of her.)

13. The cost of food, clothes and souvenirs is pretty comparable to NYC, read: expensive.

14. Seattle has bad drivers. Ok, this was Jason’s observation but he’s my new man and my chauffer while in town and so I’ll take his word for it since public transportation is limited.

15. Public transportation is limited in Seattle.  The monorail has two stops – the Space Needle and a mall.  According to Wikipedia, however, there is also a commuter rail.  And I saw a few buses.

16. Food is generally good but I still favor the food in NYC.

17. People actually get into soccer in Seattle. The bar we went to on Saturday night was filled with Seattle Sounders fans.

18.  People who reside in Seattle (well, the three people I know who reside in Seattle) tend to live for the summers when the weather is supposedly perfect. 

19.  Some residents of Seattle make fun of Tacoma, Washington the same way New Yorkers make fun of New Jersey.

21.  I did not see any rats in the underground city, very unlike the multitude of rats I see in the New York City subway tracks!

22.  People are very “green” in Seattle and recycling is pretty big.

23.  People are not very overweight in Seattle.  Maybe it’s all the “gluten free”, “vegan” and “organic options”.  It’s definitely NOT because people speed-walk…

24.  Seattle was built on greed and corruption and a lot of sex! 

25.  Seattle is called the Emerald City due to the lush evergreen trees in the surrounding area.  The nickname was officially adopted in 1982 as a result of a contest.  (See?  I told you I’d look it up before I posted the blog.  I’m a woman of her word!)

26.  I dig Alaska Airlines.  They rent out little computer devices so each passenger can watch movies or television, play games or listen to music.  I forgot to get a receipt and so I have no idea how much they charged me, but after playing about 50 rounds of Solitaire, I still didn’t win!  Oh, and I forgot how much I used to enjoy the television show, ER.  Even without George Clooney.

27.  The last observation was not about Seattle itself, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I thought I’d stop at 27.  The number of World Series championships won by my precious New York Yankees.

What about you?  Anyone been to or from the Emerald City?  Any observations you’d care to share? 

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