I’d like to preface this blog by telling everyone how much I love my mother and dispelling any notions you might have, based on some of my previous posts, that she’s anything short of amazing.  She gave birth to me.  Kidding!  Well, she did give birth to me.  (Or at least that’s the story she stuck with all of those times my older sisters said I was adopted.)   Anyway, I often comment on my mother’s unflagging interest in my love life but I know it’s only because she loves me.  She’s no more/less annoying than any other Jewish mother and she’s also a strong, loyal, loving, witty, business savvy and beautiful woman in her own right.  So please take my blogs with a grain of salt where she’s concerned.

Ok, Mommy?  I hope you feel better now.  MUAH!

The topic of this blog is distraction: things that prevent you from accomplishing what you set out to accomplish.  I’ve read so many articles from writers urging other writers and aspiring writers to set aside time each and every day to write.  I’m telling you right now that I do not set aside time each and every day to write.  Sometimes I feel guilty about it.  Sometimes I even panic that I’m losing my writing mojo.  But mostly I don’t fret because I know when I’m not writing, my life is full of other activities that combined, make me a well-rounded and happy person.

Currently, I devote at least one night and a few lunch hours a week to write.  I’m writing this from my Wednesday evening writer’s group which I only skip if something special comes along.  (And happy hour with my friends is not special enough, no offense to my fun-loving friends.)  I also write on the rare occasions I take public transportation, when waiting for a manicure/pedicure, hair cut etc., on line at the grocery store and basically any other time I have a few minutes to spare.  I write either short snippets of whatever novel I’m working on or a blog.  Lately though, I’ve been distracted – by other people’s books.

 Ever since I received a Kindle as a birthday present, I’ve been addicted to downloading and reading books.  I feel like such a traitor to the physical book but I freakin love reading on a Kindle!  I love how light weight it is.  I love that I don’t need a bookmark to hold my place.  (Mostly because I usually neglect to use a bookmark and wind up folding over the page.) I love that I can turn the page with the slight tap of my finger.  I love that I can’t skip ahead and read the end.  I love seeing my progress in percentages rather than page numbers and I love that I can read a page or two while waiting on line at the ATM and feel like I actually accomplished something.  I love my Kindle!  I love it so much that rather than my usual two books a month, I am averaging a book a week.  (Not sure my credit card loves it that much.) And I’m obsessed with deciding what book I’ll read next since it’s delivered to my device instantly and I don’t have to wait for it to ship or go to the store and stand in line.

It’s so easy to buy and read books on a Kindle, but I’m afraid I’m turning into an addict.  And I don’t buy the .99 cent or even the $2.99 ebooks.  I carefully choose the books I want to purchase through reviews and word of mouth and don’t pay much attention to the cost.  As a result, I’ve spent up to $11 on a few of them. And if that’s not enough, the books I’ve read of late have been so engaging that I find myself wanting to read every chance I get.  Two of the books I’ve read recently were just SO good – Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanan and Save as Draft by Cavanaugh Lee.  I started the latter on Monday and I’m already 87% completed.  And I’ve worked full days and I had plans after work each night so you might wonder how I managed to read almost an entire book when I was clearly busy doing other things.  The answer is I’ve been reading while eating my lunch; I’ve been reading while waiting on line to buy my lunch; and I’ve been reading while waiting my turn at the beauty salon. I’ve been reading every moment I should have been writing and when, before my addiction to the Kindle, I would have been writing. 

Yes, I confess.,  I’ve been reading other people’s novels when I should be writing my own.  I think I need an intervention.  And I plan to call upon my family and closest friends to help me detox.

As soon as I finish the last 13% of Save as Draft.  And download Beth Kendrick’s Second Time Around.


  1. Jeff Salter on May 26, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    I don’t have the distraction of a reading device yet.
    And, afater reading how addictive they’ve become to you, I may delay getting mine. LOL
    My distractions are basically Facebook, e-mail, blogs, and reading the Internet headlines.
    I used to watch a lot of TV, but rarely do anymore … except when I’m on the stationary bike at the Y.

  2. Meredith on May 26, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Thanks, Jeff! I’ve heard my particular addiction is common for people new to the eBook but that it fades. I hope so. I love reading but I also love writing! Reading four books a month is too much for me.

  3. mommy on May 29, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    dear meri,thanks for your comments, i will try to stop being paranoid about your commments – hope you are having a nice weekend and are with a “nice jewish boy” only kidding – with all my love

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