Writer’s Block – Experiment

I try to write a blog a week and since it’s been almost a week since I posted my last one, it’s about that time.  Only problem is, I’m suffering from a bout of writer’s block. 

When others complain about this particular ailment, I usually suggest they sit in front of the computer and just write whatever pops into their heads.  Since I don’t usually get writer’s block, I have no idea if my suggestion is a good one or if it just plain sucks.  I figured I’d test it out.  Disclaimer:  My thoughts are often fleeting and usually random so apologies in advance.

Despite feeling under the weather physically for the past couple of days, I’m in pleasant spirits today.  I attended a very productive meeting this morning at my job and some concerns I had about transitioning trademark records from my old firm’s management system into my current firm’s system have been appeased.  But you probably don’t want to read about trademarks.  If you do, email me separately.  In lieu of payment, in exchange for my trademark wisdom, you can buy my book.  If you already own a copy, you can buy another one.   That’s the deal – take it or leave it.

I attended my weekly writer’s group last night and, not only wrote about three more pages of my second book (a lot for me), but also created a loose outline of everything I want to happen in the remaining pages.  I think I’ll finish my first draft within the next two months. I started this book in 2009 so it’s about time.

I had another book blogger/reviewer reach out to me and offer to review and promote my book on her blog.  I’m pretty happy about it even though I’ll undoubtedly fear that she’ll hate it.  I have two other bloggers currently reading it and so at least it’s a familiar fear.  I love the story I told in Just Friends With Benefits and many people have told me they loved it.  A few told me they’ve actually read it more than once, which makes me beam with happiness.  But there are other people I know personally who told me they bought the book and never mentioned it again.  This could be because I’m not the center of their universe (crazy, right?) and it just hasn’t occurred to them to praise me via email, text, phone or face-to-face. (FYI, I prefer email so I can save it and look at it when I feel bad about myself as a writer which happens every other hour).  But it could also be that the book wasn’t for them and they’d prefer not to express a negative opinion to me.  That’s fine.  From organizing a book club and stalking reviews of other books, I know that even best selling books aren’t loved by all and it would be unreasonable for me to expect that everyone would love my book either.  I don’t have the thickest skin but it’s getting thicker all of the time.  I don’t mean that in the literal sense, although I’ve been eating way too much lately and it might come to that if I’m not careful.

What else?  The raisin bread at Zarros is so good.  I get two pieces with my salad for lunch.  I usually eat one and save the other for a mid-afternoon snack.  I’m going to need an alternative mid-afternoon snack today.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not feeling too hot.  I have a headache, a mild sore throat and just less energy than usual.  I had the same symptoms last week, behaved myself for a couple of days and was fine by the weekend.  I cancelled drink plans with a friend tonight and so if I don’t get better as a result of being lame and watching Grey’s Anatomy in bed, I’ll be pissed! 

I see that I have been spewing my random thoughts onto the page for about an hour now.  I only spent a little more than that writing my second book last night.  Since I don’t think it’s fair to my novel in progress to give more attention to the blog, I must, regrettably, conclude this experiment.  

Despite evil writer’s block lurking, I sat at my computer screen, wrote whatever came into my head and, poof, a blog was born. Experiment was a success! 

Damn, I give good advice.

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