Why haven’t I blogged? Mystery solved.

My goal is to write a blog a week. I’m not so strict that I need to post a blog every seven days, but I like to have one blog posted for every Sunday-Saturday week. Although I don’t usually have difficulty sticking to this schedule, when I visited my blog earlier today, I saw that my last post was September 22nd—sixteen days ago. I pride myself for taking responsibility for my shortcomings and so I am not going to simply write a new blog and hope no one noticed how long it’s been since my last one. I am going to own my absence on meredithschorr.com and try to get to the bottom of this failing so that it doesn’t happen again. The best way to do this, in my inexperienced opinion, is to retrace my steps. What have I been doing over the last sixteen days to explain my failure to blog?

I’ve been busy working on the final details of my fourth novel, to be released in early December. Much of my time has been spent going over the cover art with my book manager and my cover artist, making final edits on the manuscript, sending it to my proofreader, and generally daydreaming about the release and how it’s going to be best-seller, skyrocket me to fame and fortune, and be made into a blockbuster movie.

When I haven’t been finalizing details of my fourth novel, I’ve been writing my fifth novel—the second book in the Blogger Girl series. The book is currently eighty-four pages and I aim to write at least one hundred by the time the fourth novel comes out. With almost two months to go, this goal seems to be within reach.

I’ve been enjoying the return of some of my favorite television shows, like Parenthood, The Black List, Castle, and The Mindy Project and forming an addiction to some new ones, like Forever and How to Get Away With Murder. I’m starting to give up on a few old favorites, like Revenge, looking forward to the return of The Following and Grimm and continuing to catch up on Orange is the New Black and The Good Wife.

I’ve been fearing, experiencing, and recovering from oral surgery to remove a blister on my cheek and busy with pre-op screening and other related doctor’s appointments. The surgery was yesterday and although my mouth is sore, I’m glad it is over. I have one last follow up appointment with my doctor on Monday and after that, I’m hoping for a nice long break from doctors, at least until 2015!

My day job has been crazy busy and I spend most of my day trying to stay one step ahead of my supervising attorney and clients so I do not get buried in work!

I’ve continued to miss my friend Alan who passed away and who is on my mind almost constantly.

Reading. I’ve read several books over the past week, including This is Where I Leave You (started out great, but I gave up after I was overcome with desire to strangle the main character), The Publicist One and Two (both fun, fast reads), Exactly Where They’d Fall (interesting and not what I expected) and The Infinite Sea (sequel to The Fifth Wave and pretty awesome).

Visiting family – I spent most of last weekend with my family to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. It’s difficult to write on an empty stomach and so I used the two hour bus ride in both directions to read.

So there you have it.  I couldn’t find the time to write a blog post because I was too busy with all of the above. I hope you’ll forgive me and I will try not to let it happen again 🙂

See you next week. Hopefully!