pastel is the new black…in men’s clothing?

I love dressing in bright colors. In fact, I’ve been stopped on several occasions by men thanking me for bringing some color into New York City, where many of the most fashionable women sport black and grey most of the time. I like to stand out a little and so when others scan the racks for the “little black dress,” I’m scoping out the “little pink dress” or the “little red dress.” And rather than choose neutral colors for other items of clothing, I prefer my salmon colored trench coat, my lime green jacket, and my multi-colored pocketbooks. I make sure not to go overboard but, yes, I like to wear bright and colorful pieces because it puts me in a good mood and makes me feel special.

On the contrary, I don’t like it when a man’s attire stands out from the crowd. I’ve never really cared what my boyfriend wore. Most of the time, I barely noticed. As long as he didn’t look like he just rolled out of bed (unless he just rolled out of bed), it made no difference to me. My most recent boyfriend wore his Star Wars and Mellow Yellow T-shirts with jeans at least twice a week and, aside from teasing him on occasion, it didn’t bother me at all. If you asked me what a guy wore on our date, I probably wouldn’t remember, and “dressing well” has never been important to me when deciding whether to go out with a guy or not. That being said, whether a guy is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, a button-down shirt and jeans, cargo-pants and a sweater etc., my only preference is that the colors and prints be relatively non-distinct. I have no problem with a pink button down paired with a grey suit or a pastel sweater paired with blue jeans, but lately, the men in New York City look like a bowl of rainbow sherbet—reds, pinks, yellow, purples all mixed together.



I was sitting outside a restaurant with my friends on Saturday sharing a bottle of Prosecco and, of course, we were people watching and scoping out men. Every third guy who walked past was dressed in some combination of light blue and red, or pink and yellow and I felt like I was crashing a Hampton’s country club in the 1980s. I’m a huge fan of gingham on men, even pink gingham, but paired with blue jeans, not yellow or royal blue pants! To me, this new trend is not manly, nor is it “boyish” or fun. To the contrary, it suggests that the guy takes his fashion too seriously, something I do not find sexy or cute.  My friend Hilda works in retail and told me to just “live with it” because it’s very much in style.


Just because something is “in” doesn’t mean I have to like it!

What about you? How do you feel about this new fashion trend? Does it have the staying power of a Chanel bag or should it disappear forever, making an occasional appearance at Halloween parties, like M.C. Hammer parachute pants?