The Casting of Blogger Girl Series – Bridget the BFF!

Welcome to the third installment of The Casting of Blogger Girl Series! To recap, we’ve already cast Isla Fisher in the role of our heroine, Kimberly Long and Matt Long in the role of *swoon worthy* Nicholas Strong. Today, I am going to cast the role of Bridget, Kimberly’s best friend since the 7th grade.

At the opening of Blogger Girl, Bridget, like Kim, is a single lady. “Gun shy after after an uncharacteristic one-night-stand generously left her with a case of crabs, she hadn’t done anything with anyone in over a year.”  From Kim’s perspective, Bridget is a beauty, but she doesn’t take her looks too seriously or seem to have any idea how pretty she really is. Although I barely remembered my life pre-Bridget, every once in a while it hit me how stunning she was, mostly when she substituted her usual attire of cargo pants and T-shirts she collected from various rock concerts for more trendy pieces. Tonight she was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a form-fitting glittery grey top and matching high grey boots. Her long cherry red hair, normally up in a messy ponytail, cascaded down to her chest in curls and she had done her makeup to emphasize her emerald colored eyes.

Now for the fun stuff! When I was considering Michelle Williams for the role of Kim, I actually considered Isla Fisher for the role of Bridget. But it became clear to me pretty quickly that Isla was Kim and I obviously could not cast the same actress for both roles unless they were identical twins 🙂


Once Isla Fisher was eliminated, I considered Amy Adams but I thought she might be too old for the role. I also wasn’t sure I could see the chemistry between Amy and Isla, whereas Kim and Bridget are super close.


My sister mentioned that she could picture Rachelle Lefevre from Under The Dome in the role. I actually cast Rachelle as Jess in Just Friends with Benefits and Lainie in A State of Jane and so it would be really cool if she could be a part of Blogger Girl too but I didn’t feel it. It could be that she seems too big in comparison to Isla but it doesn’t work for me. (Not to mention that her acting in Under the Dome leaves something to be desired…)


Very few readers have commented on who they pictured as Bridget, but Melissa Amster from Chick Lit Central suggested Ari Graynor. I don’t love this choice only because I see Ari Graynor as more as the comic sidekick and although Bridget does instigate much of the humor in the book, she’s also supposed to be really pretty. No offense to Ms. Graynor but I don’t think she quite makes the grade in that regard.


So, now we come to my choice. This actress is stunning, yet she’s played the tomboy role before and I think she could absolutely pull off the laid back Bridget.  Although her hair is usually blonde, she has also worn it red and I’m not entirely sure which is her natural shade. I could also picture this actress as Isla Fisher’s best friend and most trusted confidante on screen. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Bridget!

That's my spunky Bridget!

That’s my spunky Bridget!


Blake Lively!


What do you think of my choice? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Who would you have picked? And stay tuned for next week for the final installment – The stinging Queen Bee, Hannah Marshak!

For a recap, see you I cast as Kimberly here:

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Casting of Blogger Girl Series – Installment One – Kimberly Long

Welcome to the first installment of the Casting of Blogger Girl series! Now, I know that Blogger Girl has not been contracted for a movie but I am a dreamer and I like to dream big. Probably why I love writing so much – so I can dream up fun stories to entertain other people. So, for shits and giggles, let’s say that I have, in fact, sold the movie rights to Blogger Girl and let’s suspend reality even more and say that I, as the author, actually have a major say in casting said film. In this series, I will be sharing my picks for the roles of Kim (heroine), Nicholas (love interest), Bridget (best friend) and Hannah (high school nemesis/villain). I will also share my thought process as to how said actor won the role. In some cases, the decision was virtually instant. In other cases, I changed my mind five or six times before I knew – like the way you just know. Finally, since a few bloggers/readers shared their thoughts on the casting, I will include their picks too and give credit where credit is due. First up is the role of Kimberly Long.

Kimberly Long is a twenty-eight year old legal secretary/book blogger living in New York City. Kim has long, straight light brown hair and brown eyes. Her most distinctive physical feature is her height – only 4 feet and 11 inches. Kim is the first to admit to compensating her lack of height by emphasizing her proportionally larger breasts: “I needed to give people a reason to look down far enough to see me.”

Kim describes herself as “cute” and is not all that aware of her sex appeal:

Nicholas: – “Yes, I guess Hannah is cute, but you are sexy.”
Kim: “No, I’m cute.”
Nicholas: “Fine, you are cute. But you’re also sexy.”

There were only two actresses I considered for this role. My choices were somewhat limited because I couldn’t choose a very tall actress. My choices are slightly taller than Kim but, hey, it’s the movies and movies often stray somewhat from the book.

My runner up for the role of Kimberly Long is Michelle Williams:


Although Michelle is a terrific actress and certainly cute enough to portray my girl Kim, I wanted someone a little more “quirky” and my pull towards the other actress was just too strong.  

Other thoughts for the role of Kim included:


Hillary Duff (courtesy of Elizabeth Grunderson who, by the way, wrote one of my favorite reviews ever.)

Amanda Seyfried (Courtesy of fabulous blogger Melissa Amster from the equally fabulous Chick Lit Central).



I actually think both of the above options are not at all off-base and I wouldn’t terminate the movie contract if either of these actresses were cast. However, by the time I finished the first draft of Blogger Girl, I had a very clear picture of Kimberly Long and, without further ado, here she is!



Isla Fisher!

She’s adorable and sexy, yet approachable and not intimidating. I think she is perfect to play a comic role, a romantic lead and a vulnerable young woman learning what it takes to make her happy and how to make it happen.

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of the Casting of Blogger Girl series – Nicholas Strong!