8 Holiday Questions for 8 Authors!

8 Questions for 8 Authors

I am so honored to be one of 8 authors participating in this holiday blog hop.  Since this is the last post in the hop, I hope you’re still reading!!

1.  What is your best (or worst) holiday memory?

I am Jewish and so my typical Christmas day consists of seeing a movie with my parents and going out for Japanese food – Hibachi.  As my birthday is December 23rd, Christmas is also the day I celebrate my birthday with my folks.  I have two older sisters and 5 nieces and nephews but this day is just me and parents.  I cherish this day every year because on this day, I am not a grown woman with a job and responsibilities, I am the youngest child who has the undivided attention of her parents.  (This often means I have to answer, or more likely avoid, my mother’s prying questions into the details of my relationship but at least they pay for my popcorn!) This year, I will be spending Christmas in Michigan with my boyfriend’s family but since I cherish him too, I am sure it will be a special day and I look forward to making a new holiday memory.  As long as he doesn’t forget to wish me a happy birthday! 

2.  Favorite holiday beverage?

After walking the crowded streets of New York City on a frigid winter day, I love to sit by a window in a cozy bar with a cup of hot mulled wine.   My German friend calls it “Gluvine.”


3.    What would you add to a snowman to personalize it?

As an avid fan of baseball with a loyal allegiance to the New York Yankees, I miss my boys during the off months.  I would personalize my snowman New York Yankees style with a Yankees branded scarf, hat and banner


4.    What are three things you can’t survive the holidays without?

My iPod because, less face it, all of the radio stations play all Christmas music ALL OF THE TIME and quite frankly, it’s annoying. 

My credit card because, damn the holiday season sure is expensive!

 My family – this year will be different because, as stated above, I am spending the holidays as well as my birthday with my boyfriend’s family.  Hopefully they will treat me right! 

5.    Santa – sexy or let’s just be friends?

“Santa, it’s not that I’m not attracted to you but I am already seeing someone.  Can we just be friends?  Really close friends who get each other super awesome gifts for the holidays?”   

6.    Favorite holiday song, album or movie?

Whenever I am asked to choose one, I always cheat.  Today will be no exception.  My favorite holiday song(s) are Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland version) and I don’t want a lot for Christmas (I love the version in Love, Actually)  Adam Sandler’s Chanukah song is pretty cool too!  Favorite Christmas movies are Meet me in St. Louis, Love, Actually and It’s a Wonderful Life.

7.    It’s midnight New Year’s Eve – you can kiss any celebrity, living or dead. Who’s it going to be?

Bradley Cooper – I want to run my hands through his messy longish hair and plant a juicy kiss on his luscious lips.  Then I want him to flash me his dazzling white tooth smile and tell me it was the best kiss he ever had 🙂


Don’t we look cute together?


8.    What is your worst/funniest holiday travel tale?

One year my friend and I decided to take a holiday to Jamaica the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  Both of us are pretty anal about being on time and so for our early flight, we arrived at the airport before security even opened.  First to arrive at our gate, we breathed a sigh of relief until we were told that the airline overbooked the flight and they were looking for people to volunteer to give up their tickets and fly out the following day.  My friend and I had already pre-paid our all-inclusive vacation and there was no way we were voluntarily missing a full day but it seemed no one else was willing either.  Then we were told that due to an impending snow-storm, there would be a delay in departure time.  We were told to go get food and that they would announce over the loud speaker if there were any developments in departure time.  My friend and I went to get food and when we returned to the gate (less than 30 minutes later), we were told that the flight had already departed.  In case you missed that last sentence, THE FLIGHT HAD ALREADY DEPARTED. Without us.  Since we were told to go get food and no announcement had been made asking all passengers to return to the gate, we were sufficiently pissed off.  I was cursing and throwing a fit, of course.  But there was nothing we could do about it.  We were given tickets for a flight the following morning and shuttled to the Ramada at the airport.  The hotel room and dinner were paid by the airline and we were also given a voucher for a free domestic flight.  Since our trip was supposed to be 7 days and nights, we decided that losing one day wasn’t the worst thing that could happen, especially since we got that free voucher for another flight.  Unfortunately, neither of us had packed any clothes in our carry-on and had no clean underwear for the next day.  The hotel store had underwear but only Hanes Men’s briefs.  What’s a girl with no clean panties to do?  Wear Hane’s Men’s briefs of course!  Without any further complications, we arrived safely in Jamaica and enjoyed one day of sunshine and 5 days of torrential downpours.  And then on the return trip, I left my passport in the cab that drove me home from the airport.  Along with all of the souvenirs I bought.  And my voucher for a free domestic flight. 

Vacation: Epic fail!

If you haven’t had a chance to read my fellow author’s answers, you can find them here!

a cold for the holidays

I haven’t written any of my work-in-progress since last Wednesday.  I’m not on a strict schedule or anything and, as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to write slowly (one or two pages in a sitting), but I still feel guilty.  The thing is, I’m sick.  I went to bed last Wednesday feeling great.  I had attended a Writer’s Meet-up that night called Shut Up and Write.  Members simply meet for an hour at a designated place and just write.  Afterward, I treated myself to take-out sushi and ate it while watching Criminal Minds. I went to sleep healthy, woke up at 3:00am with a sore throat and by the time I got up for work on Thursday morning, I had a full-blown head cold.  Despite feeling envious after reading status updates from my friends on Facebook such as “ran another marathon this morning” and “engaging in holiday drinks!”, I abstained from both exercise and alcohol all weekend in hopes that I would feel better by Monday morning.  I didn’t!

I’ve thought about my neglected novel numerous times over the last couple of days but can’t bring myself to write.  My cold has limited my imagination such that all I want for my main character is to have clear nasal passages and peaceful sleep that does not involve a chronic cough.  I want to give her a magic lozenge that will allow her to swallow food without feeling like there is a razor blade at the back of her throat.  Doesn’t make for exciting reading, does it?  Not to mention that staring at the computer does nothing to alleviate the feeling that my head is being squeezed by giant pliers.  I’m only able to write this blog because I just spent an hour resting my head on my boss’s desk.  He’s in a conference call in another room and my own office has glass walls.

I broke down and made an appointment to see a doctor after work today and hoping he/she will diagnose me with something non-life threatening and prescribe something more potent than the Tylenol Cold I’ve been using to no effect whatsoever.   Maybe a Morphine drip.  Just kidding, of course.  Tis the season to be jolly, not curled up in the fetal position with 40 used tissues at my bed side!  And I want to drink wine, not tea with honey.   I want to write engaging chapters of my book, not blogs about chronic coughs and sinus headaches!  Finally, my birthday is Thursday and I don’t want to waste my birthday wishes on getting over a cold.  I have much more lofty aspirations for the year ahead.

Darn it.  I just heard a knock. No, not at my door, but on the side of my head!  A warning that the brief reprieve from my headache is just about over.  Based on my experience over the past few days, any ability I currently have to string words together to create cohesive sentences or at least do so without wanting to cry in pain, will disappear within the next five minutes and so I will leave you now with my best wishes for this holiday season, most especially good health!