writing whore

I am stating publicly that I am not a slut. I know some of my friends and family are shocked by this admission. Ok, not really. There was a period of time when I was somewhat of a kissing bandit, but I’ve never been a “slut” in the regular sense of the word. I am, however, a writing whore.

My love of writing began with emails to clients at my first law firm. Actually, I lied. I wrote a song when I was about three years old that my parents still sing back to me sometimes. Thinking back, as a counselor in camp, I also wrote songs for color war. I suppose I was hit by the writing bug earlier than I thought…

Anyway, back to emails to clients – my favorite assignment was reporting the preliminary availability of trademarks for use and registration to clients. Fascinating stuff, really.

Then I started drafting witty departure emails when colleagues/friends left my place of business.

Partners at my old law firm used to send “victory” emails to the entire firm *humbly* giving their fellow partners/associates credit for winning million dollar cases knowing full well that said fellow partners/associates would send a counter email directing the credit back to the partner. I used to write my own victory emails for lesser wins, for example, obtaining a Certificate of Trademark Registration for a client. Of course, I did not send my emails to the entire firm.

When “work” related writing was no longer enough, I dabbled in children stories. I wasn’t very good at it and so I began blogging about dates, family and other personal information. I was very good at this, but become paranoid and stopped. Then one day on my walk to work, I decided to write a novel. I finished that novel, started a second one, finished a second one and have now started writing a third.

But it doesn’t stop there.

I also write book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and restaurant and bar reviews on Yelp. (In fact, I was just given Yelp “Elite” status – woot woot!) Basically, if it can be written, I probably want to write it.

Although I guess I always enjoyed writing, I wasn’t always a writing slut. In fact, my sister Marjorie wrote the speech for my Bat Mitzvah. She also wrote one of the speeches I gave in High School for my mandatory Public Speaking class on pet peeves. As the youngest of three children from a broken home, I was pretty spoiled by my sisters. I wouldn’t change a thing about that and suppose I could have milked it throughout my adult life. I probably do in some respects but I guess the slut in me was destined to come out. The writing slut that is. As for the other type of slut, hopefully in my next life 🙂