guest blogger – my mom!

It’s been a crazy week for me between the day job and getting ready for the launch of Blogger Girl.  When I told my mom that I didn’t have time to write a blog post this week, she offered to step in as a guest blogger.  I had no idea what to expect but figured an “unexpected blog” was better than no blog at all and so I accepted her generous offer.  See her blog post below along with comments from me in red:

I always look forward to a blog post from my daughter, Meri.  After I read it, I am amazed that she came out of me.  I also feel very special and loved when she refers to me in her blogs.  I was especially flattered to be the inspiration for the mother in her first novel, “Just Friends with Benefits”.  (Even if she did paint me as an overbearing Jewish mother dying for her daughter to get married and give her more grandchildren.)  (You are a *sometimes* overbearing Jewish mother dying to marry me off.  Although to your credit, you have backed off quite a bit lately. I hope you haven’t given up on me!)

You probably don’t know this but Meri was a delight to raise.  (What do you mean “you probably don’t know this”?  Are you suggesting my readers would be surprised that I was a delight to raise?  Ahem, I am a delight now too!  Most of the time.)  However, she did have an issue with biting that lasted way too long.  (I only had 1-5 victims and I was over it by the time I turned 21!!  Seriously, I was probably still under 6 when I stopped the biting. Right?)The only negative comment from teachers was Meri’s incessant talking in class, hence, taking away a shopping spree.  (Yeah, that was mean.  But it worked.)  Nonetheless, she was in the Gifted and Talented Program (“GATE”) in elementary school and graduated college with honors (I always suspected that I only got accepted to GATE  because I was the teacher’s pet, especially since everyone else in the program got upwards of 1300 on the SAT exam and attended Ivy League universities and I, well, didn’t…)  

Despite being a very pampered baby sister, Meri has become “Miss Manhattan(Um, I’m not sure about that but thanks…) with two great careers and she’s not afraid to try new experiences.  

Now if she would only get married…. (*rolls eyes* But at least she hasn’t given up on me.)

Isn't my mom cute?

Isn’t my mom cute?

Thanks, mom, for stepping in.  I’ll be back with a blog post this Monday with big news about the launch of my third chick lit novel, Blogger Girl!