The Boyfriend Swap

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Published by: Henery Press
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Pages: 282
ISBN13: 978-1635112740



If you love Christmas movies, as in you check the Hallmark Channel guide starting in July, then hang on to your stockings, because here comes the merriest of indulgences. It’s “The Proposal” meets “The Holiday” in print.

First meet Robyn Lane. She’s always dated struggling creative types, including her current squeeze (Perry, an actor). For this year’s Chrismukkah celebration, her parents would love her to bring someone stable, reliable, steadily employed. You know, with health insurance and a 401(k).

Now let’s meet Sidney Bellows. Her parents already plan her professional life (she’s an attorney at her father’s law firm). If she brings her current boyfriend (Will, an attorney) to the family Christmas extravaganza, her parents will have their wedding planned by New Year’s Eve.

Leave it to a mutual friend (and copious amounts of wine) to find a playful solution: Swap those boyfriends, fool the parents, and enjoy the holidays. It’s perfect! Robyn can show off a successful attorney boyfriend, and Sidney’s high-society family won’t ring those wedding bells when they meet a flaky actor beau.

The fun isn’t in the theory, it’s in the practice.

Will turns out to be the boy-next-door Robyn crushed on hard throughout her teenage years. Sidney’s family fawns all over Perry like he’s an Oscar-winner rather than a D-list wannabe.

Fool the parents? Enjoy the holidays? Swapping boyfriends never sounded so good or went so bad. Take time to read this one. It’s like Christmas in July.

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“Schorr mixes and matches couples with charming aplomb in this sweet-natured romcom.”
Publishers Weekly

“With a premise that rivals the best film rom-coms, The Boyfriend Swap is filled with romance, humor, and heart  a delight from beginning to end, Meredith Schorr delivers chick lit gold.”
Jamie Brenner, USA Today bestselling author of The Forever Summer

“A sweet and sexy book that will make you smile and not stop reading until you find out how all the characters end up. It's a charming story about truly finding your perfect match in love, life, and work.”
Susan Orman Schnall, author of We Came Here to Shine

“Meredith Schorr has created a whimsical starry-eyed holiday tale...a merry little romp about second chances and unexpected connections.”
Phoebe Fox, author of The Way We Weren't

“I flat-out loved this book. Trust me, you will too.”
Josie Brown, author of The Housewife Assassins Series

“She has a talent for writing brilliant books.”
Amanda, Chocolate Pages

“A lot of laughs, a fast moving story line, and a terrifically fun ending.”
Samantha, Chicklit Plus

“The characters are very likable and real, the storyline felt unique to me, and I found myself very wrapped up in the lives of Robyn and Sydney.”
Susan, The Book Bag

“It was just a fun ride and perfect to get the holiday season started!”
Kristin, Kritters Ramblings

“This would be the cutest romantic comedy movie, but it was also a super fun read.”
Amy, Novel Gossip

“This book was a delightful way to spend an afternoon and left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Download it and enjoy the comical escape.”
Andi, Andi’s Book Reviews

“I would highly recommend this novel for readers who enjoy an easy read, and want a good feel story.”
Linda, Linda’s Book Obsession

“I enjoyed the writing style and was a bit sad when it was all over because it was over!”
Arielle Joy, Living Life With Joy

“I really feel like this book would be the perfect screenplay for a chick flick, and being that I’m a sucker for chick lit and chick flicks, I’d totally watch it.”
Midori Reads

“A light page-turner and I definitely can’t wait to read more books by this wonderful author.”
Simona Elena, Simona’s Corner of Dreams

“This is the perfect book to read right before Christmas”
Jo Ann, Book Faerie

“There were so many times where I laughed, especially when reading Robyn’s side.”
Dawn, Up ‘Til Dawn

“The Boyfriend Swap was a fun chick lit novel, and though predictable, it was fun to read about the two different family dynamics.”
Paula, Chicklit Club

“As the story went on I found myself laughing, smiling, and thoroughly enjoying every page.”
Charlotte Lynn, A Soccer Mom’s Book Blog

“The female characters especially learned a lot about themselves and their love lives through the boyfriend swap. I love seeing character development!”
Elizabeth, Chick Lit Chickadees