How Do You Know?

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Published by: Henery Press
Release Date: February 14, 2017
Pages: 250
ISBN13: 978-1635111576



Is it still possible to find The One? That one sexy romance that makes your heart race faster than a venti latte? All while trying to age gracefully?

Maggie Piper isn’t thinking about any of that until the big 4-0 stares her down. Now Maggie can’t think of anything else. Naturally, she panics.

The fear of a slow metabolism, wrinkly skin, and a ticking biological clock leaves her torn between a desire to settle down and concern her existing relationship isn’t all that perfect.

You know what’s coming.

She pulls a Ross and Rachel: A spontaneous request for a temporary break from her live-in boyfriend that quickly results in a breakup. So Maggie finds herself single once again. Only twelve months from Lordy, Lordy, look who’s forty.

As she re-enters the New York City dating jungle (and you know it’s a jungle), suitors present themselves quickly. But who’s The One? Speed-dating bachelors, a sexy coworker, or the man she already set free?

How does she know? Her fun-loving friends and supportive family, including meddlesome no-filter Aunt Helen, eagerly share their often-unsolicited opinions, but Maggie is determined to find her own way, even if she falls on her face—repeatedly.

This heartwarming tale featuring the lovable Maggie Piper will make you a fan for life, no matter your age or metabolism speed.

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“I loved this book! Simply loved it.”
 –Tracy, Readers’ Favorite

“I loved every minute of this.”
 –Christina, Creating Serenity

“How Do You Know?” is light enough and intriguing enough to finish within a weekend getaway, but deep enough and captivating enough to leave you wanting more. And I do.”
 –Kelly, Crib Notes Kelly

“Truly a great afternoon read!”
 Claire, Coffeeholic Bookworm

“How Do You Know? drew me in from the first line and kept me hooked through the end.”
Bianca, Fuzzy Novel Blog

“I think every woman will relate to Maggie and her friends, no matter her age or relationship status”
 –Lisa, Chicklit Club

“a great emotional story, with some honest to goodness insight and wisdom!”
 –Karma For Life Chick

“What wasn’t there to like about this book?”
 –Uma Kayla, Book Lover in Florida

“I may not want to do things exactly like Maggie, but she’s a damn good role model for me.”
 –Kaley, Books Etc.

“Meredith Schorr wrote a fast-paced novel that is sure to leave fans of chick lit happy!”
 –Candace, Endless Days of Literary Ectasy

“I was easily swept away by the story.”
 –Melissa, Chick Lit Central

“Impactful and very funny!”
 Kathryn, Novel Escapes

“I think women of all ages will love this big but especially those of us approaching that big milestone of 40."
 –Aimee, Hello ChickLit

“If you’ve ever feared that you no longer have certain opportunities available to you just because of the year you were born, this book is for you.”
 –Jennifer, Author Jennifer Farwell

“I loved every minute of this well-written, funny, insightful novel”
 –Susan, The Book Bag

“A great older chick lit for a more mature crowd that is still coming of age, but a little older of an age!”
 –Kristin, Kritters Ramblings

“I loved “How Do You Know?” for so many reasons”
 –Jonita, The Book Chick

“Real characters, real emotions, real dilemmas. Schorr continues to deliver authenticity while at the same time telling an entertaining story.”
 –Ashley, The Book Fetish Blog

“Loved that it opened and got rockin’ and rollin’ right away.”
Julie, Julie Valerie’s Book Blog

“How Do You Know?” will easily be in my top 5 reads of 2014!”
 Isabella, Chick Lit Goddess

“I loved everything about this book!”
 Emily, Mrs. Mommy Bookworm

“I adored this book from the beginning.”
 –Samantha, Chick Lit Plus

“I enjoyed How Do You Know? from the first page until the very last page.”
 Charlotte Lynn, A Soccer Mom’s Book Blog

“I laughed. I was sad. I was hopeful. I experienced it all.”
 –Chrissy, Every Free Chance Books