book birthdays, book trailers, book publishing deals: Oh My!

My blogs for the last two months have been depressing, I know. That’s because I’ve been depressed. Sorry :(  Despite continuing to cope with sadness over losing my closest friend, there are some wonderful things happening on the book front. My friend would chastise me if I was too busy missing him to properly celebrate the positive in my life. He was constantly urging me to smile more and be happy. As a result, my blog this week will focus on all good things. Hooray!

First off, my debut novel Just Friends with Benefits is celebrating two birthdays this month. You might be asking how one book can have two birthdays. The answer is that the book was originally published by Wings ePress on September 1, 2010.  After requesting the rights back, it was re-released by my current publisher Booktrope on September 2, 2013. Woila—two birthdays! I’m thrilled to report that since being re-published, it has sold over 12,000 copies! In honor of the birthday(s), my publisher is reducing the price of the ebook to 99 cents on all platforms from September 8th to September 13th. Spread the word if you can.

Happy Birthday to my Book Baby!

Happy Birthday to my Book Baby!

Secondly, my friend and fellow author Erin Cawood created this adorable trailer for Blogger Girl with her production company On the Edge Fiction and it’s currently live on Youtube:

Check it out!

Thirdly, we have a publication date for my fourth novel—December 2, 2014! I’ve already been through the first round of edits with my editor, Ally Bishop. At the same time, my cover artist, Loretta Matson, is working tirelessly on creating an amazing cover with the input of my rockstar book manager, Jennifer Gilbert. I’m offering comments and opinions as well, but with those two on my team, I know my cover is in the best possible hands. I can probably reveal the title of the book at this point, but I think I’ll wait for a future blog post. I need to give you a reason to keep reading :)

Finally, I have big, huge, COLOSSAL news to share. Last week my publisher, Booktrope entered into a new business relationship with Amazon, beginning with a mutual licensing deal that deepens Booktrope’s ties with Amazon to a much more significant degree. As a result of this deal, Amazon will reissue the ebook versions of A State of Jane and Blogger Girl under Amazon’s Imprint.  I’m so honored that two of my books were included in this deal that also affects 13 other Booktrope titles, including Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin, Next Year I’ll Be Perfect by Laura Kilmartin, and Pulled Beneath by Marni Mann—three books I adored. I hope this new development will mean big things for all involved and, of course, more book sales! If you would like to learn more about this new relationship, here is the link to the official Booktrope announcement:

That’s all for now. Thank you for your continued support of my writing and I will keep you posted as this unfolds!

one more blessing

I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago counting my blessings. As most of you know, I lost someone I loved dearly to cancer this summer and finding happiness has been a challenge. I hoped outlining some of the wonderful things in my life would help with the grieving process, especially since my late friend always urged me to focus on the good. If you read the blog, you might have noticed the absence of “good health” on the list. This was not a mere oversight, but a purposeful omission as I was afraid being healthy was not something I could count among my blessings and didn’t want to jinx myself.

I had my annual mammogram in late June. Although the mammogram was normal, it was suggested I have an ultrasound because cancer is difficult to detect in a mammogram on someone with “dense” breasts like me. The ultrasound picked up a minuscule (less than .5 millimeters) spot on my right breast and although the doctor who reviewed it was not concerned and instructed me to schedule another ultrasound in six months merely as a precaution, my own doctor thought it would be prudent to see a breast specialist for a second opinion. Although my doctor assured me that consulting a breast surgeon was merely a precautionary measure due to the density of my breasts, and the likelihood of it being anything serious was very slim, I freaked out.  My best friend died of cancer only a month before. My newsfeeds lately on Facebook are littered with friends mourning the sudden and tragic death of friends who were seemingly healthy only a short time ago. How could I be so confident my friends wouldn’t be posting these things about me? My fourth novel is set to be published on December 2nd and as excited as I am to release this book, I worried I wouldn’t be around by then. What if the cures for cancer, i.e. chemotherapy, resulted in my organs shutting down like what happened to my friend? I knew I was getting WAY ahead of myself and was told as much by others, but I was seriously spooked. This is why I didn’t feel comfortable including “good health” among my blessings.

My mother offered to tag along to my doctor’s appointment as moral support, an offer I eagerly accepted. We discussed having lunch afterward and making a day of it. I also had dinner reservations with some friends that evening and had taken the following day off from work. I tried to look forward to the long Labor Day Weekend and the fun plans I had made, but it was difficult with the weight of my doctor’s appointment on my shoulders. The location of the doctor’s office inside the cancer center at Beth Israel only added to my fear. My mother tried to make conversation while I completed a questionnaire rivaling the eHarmony application in length, but tears were already forming in my eyes and all I could think about was my friend Alan and how much I missed him and hated cancer for taking him from me. I used to say I would follow him anywhere, but I meant in the physical world. As much as I miss him (terribly and constantly), I’m not ready to die. But neither was he. These were my thoughts as I waited alone in the cold examination room.  

After careful review of the ultrasound results and a thorough clinical breast examination, the breast surgeon assured me the tiny spec located on the ultrasound was nothing of concern and sent me home with instructions to simply keep the six month follow-up as originally directed. She further appeased me by saying even a six month appointment instead of the usual year was probably being overly cautious. When I returned to my mother in the waiting room, she knew I was okay by the huge smile of relief on my face. We embraced fiercely once we got outside and I told my mother I could now add “good health” to my blessings. I only wish my dear friend was as lucky. While I continue to mourn him daily—not a single day has gone by when I haven’t cried over his death—I am forever thankful that, at least for now, I can begin to truly appreciate the good things in my life and look forward to what I hope will be a long, healthy and happy one. I know it’s what he would want too.

blogging in darker times – guest blogger at Chick Lit Club

I was asked to do a guest post for Chick Lit Club, a fabulous blog with news and reviews on some of the hottest novels in chick lit and women’s fiction. With the death of my dear friend, I’ve been having trouble writing “light” posts and when I confided this to my fabulous book manager, […]

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counting my blessings

I’ve been very unhappy lately and it’s been over a month—five weeks and two days exactly—since I’ve been able to experience true joy. Probably longer than that if I’m being honest. If you follow my blog, you’re aware that my boss of almost twenty years, who was also one of my dearest friends in the […]

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A friendship stolen

photo (5)

On July 8th, 2014, I lost one of my favorite people in the world to blood cancer.  I am not the only person who experienced this loss. Cancer stole Alan from a wife of over thirty years, two sons, parents, a brother, and a slew of friends, clients, and colleagues who loved him. Since this […]

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Blog Roll – My Writing Process

I’ve been tagged by Samantha Stroh Bailey, author of the fabulously fun novel, Finding Lucas, co-founder of the equally fun and fabulous BookBuzz author/reader mix and mingle, and one of my closest friends and confidants to participate in the Blog Roll – Writing Process. In the post below, I have answered questions regarding my writing […]

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These television shows would make great chick lit books!

We, and by “we,” I mean my author/blogger friends and I, often discuss what books we could totally see turned into movies. I even cast all of my books as if the screenplay adoption is imminent. But I’ve never heard anyone discuss what movies/television shows they think would make really good books. Since there is […]

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Guest Post/Giveaway – A.R. Rivera author of BETWEEN OCTOBERS out NOW!

ar rivera

I’m excited to invite A.R. Rivera, author of Between Octobers, to my blog today discussing “The Art of Falling” – I think I have found my soul sister of klutziness :) Without further ado: I don’t think of myself as a clumsy person. But I must admit that I seem to possess a real knack […]

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pastel is the new black…in men’s clothing?


I love dressing in bright colors. In fact, I’ve been stopped on several occasions by men thanking me for bringing some color into New York City, where many of the most fashionable women sport black and grey most of the time. I like to stand out a little and so when others scan the racks […]

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Blogosphere Blogosphere Make Me a Match, Find Me a Find, Catch Me a Catch

In almost all of the chick lit/romantic comedy novels I write, there is a central romance and after some missteps, my main character gets the guy—maybe not the guy she wanted on page one, but the guy she eventually falls in love with, and the guy who is ultimately her best match. The closing scenes […]

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