why writing a sequel scares me

When I finished writing Blogger Girl, I was sad to say goodbye to Kim, Nicholas, Bridget and the rest of the cast of characters (even condescending Hannah and evil Daneen), but I moved on to writing How Do You Know? on the assumption that Blogger Girl, like Just Friends with Benefits and A State of Jane before it, would be a stand-alone novel.

To date, Blogger Girl has not been my best-selling novel, but it has been a fan favorite. Soon after the book was released, fans made it very clear they wanted more. Since I had developed the character of Kim in Blogger Girl leaving her significant room for growth, both from a romantic and professional standpoint, I decided to grant readers their wish. I am proud to announce that the first draft of the follow up, Novel Girl, is almost complete and barring any extraordinary circumstances, I should be able to release it before the apple next drops in Times Square. (It’s worth noting that while the book takes off where the first one left off, I’m writing it in such a way that it can stand on its own too.)

It has been a blast reacquainting myself with the characters and finding new ways to torture…I am challenge… them and I’m excited to share Novel Girl with the people who loved Blogger Girl and hopefully a whole new audience of readers too. On the flip side, I’m terrified. Granted, with each of my books, I feared readers wouldn’t like it or would compare it unfavorably to my other books, but writing a sequel comes with the added pressure of meeting and, hopefully, exceeding the expectations of readers who loved the first installment. If a sequel fails, readers often wish it had never been written at all, especially if the first installment had a happily-ever-after. Sometimes it’s better to leave the characters in that permanent state of bliss than reintroduce them to the world and not do them justice.

Whenever I read a glowing review of Blogger Girl that calls out a favorite plot twist or aspect of the book, it is with a mix of delight and dread as the plot twists are naturally different in Novel Girl. I couldn’t write the same book twice, obviously, so I have taken the characters in different directions and thrown distinctive bumps in their journeys. I believe readers will have as much fun reading the second book as they did the first, but part of me is afraid of disappointing them. I am certainly putting as much care and thought into Novel Girl as I did with Blogger Girl as I am determined to do it justice and then some. I hope readers will be happy I wrote it and not wish I left well enough alone. My money is on the former, but I’ve never been much of a betting woman!

An avid reader myself, I’ve also been both pleased and underwhelmed by sequels of my favorite books. What about you? What are some of your favorite/least favorite sequels?

New Release – The Marrying Type

I don’t often feature guest posts on my blog, but I think this new release by author Laura Chapman sounds like so much fun. Featuring a wedding planner, reality television, and one of my favorite cites in the world (Charleston, South Carolina), I can’t wait to tear through the pages of this book and think my blog followers will enjoy it as well. So, without further ado, you are cordially invited to read Laura Chapman’s new novel, The Marrying Type.


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Always the wedding planner, never a bride, Elliot Lynch is famous for orchestrating the splashiest weddings in Charleston, South Carolina. When her father’s sloppy management practices leave them on the brink of bankruptcy, Elliot will do whatever it takes to save the family business. When asked to appear on “The Marrying Type,” a reality TV show about the people behind the scenes as couples exchange I dos, she says yes to the invasion of privacy (and the hefty paycheck that comes with it).


With a camera crew capturing every detail of her life, Elliot faces her most challenging contract yet: planning a wedding where her ex is involved in every part of the process. Add in a lazy assistant, liquor-loving bridesmaid, and rival planner encroaching on her turf, and Elliot’s wedding season goes from high-end to high-stress.


Forced to confront her past, Elliot must live out her troubled present on national TV if she has any hope of saving her future.



Order your copy today by visiting:


Barnes & Noble


Marching Ink


You can add The Marrying Type to your to-read list on Goodreads and enter to win one of three prize packages by participating in this Rafflecopter:


About the Author

Laura Chapman is the author of The Marrying Type, Hard Hats and Doormats and the Autumn and Tuck series, which appear in Merry & Bright and A Kind of Mad Courage. A native Nebraskan, she loves football, Netflix marathons, and her cats, Jane and Bingley. Until she fulfills her dream of landing a British husband or becoming a Disney princess, you can find her in a bar penning her next novel.


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First reading at Barnes & Noble – check!


Even though I’ve been a published author for four and a half years and have four novels under my belt, I participated in my first ever public book “reading” this past Thursday night at the Barnes & Noble in Manhasset, New York, along with fellow Booktrope authors Hilary Grossman and Jennifer Gracen. For those of […]

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Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop featuring Kimberly Long from Blogger Girl


THE WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN AND THE BLOG HOP IS CLOSED. THANKS FOR PLAYING! Welcome to the Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop! Unless mine is the first post in the hop you are reading, you already know that the theme of this blog hop is princesses. We are supposed to compare the heroine of our novel(s) […]

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Public Speaking – Gah!


I like having my voice heard when I speak. It bothers me when I feel ignored or when the company I keep pay half-assed attention to what I’m saying while looking over my shoulders at what is going on behind me or taking what they think are furtive glances at their phones. I enjoy holding […]

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with a little help from my friends

view from my run

Confession: Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been in a writing slump. I’ve always prided myself on my immunity to the dreaded “writer’s block.” Creating ideas and finding the words to express them has never been a problem until recently. I’m about half-way through writing the first draft of Novel Girl, a sequel to […]

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Guest Blog: From the Author of “How Do You Know?”

Featured Image -- 1978

Originally posted on Erin Brady:
I am so excited today to be able to introduce you to one of my favorite chick-lit authors, Meredith Schorr.  Her books are the best of chick lit!  Her stories are well-developed and her characters are interesting and fun!  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to check…

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Shake it off. Shake it off. Managing expectations with respect to fans

When I wrote my first novel, Just Friends with Benefits, I basically winged it. I was walking to work one day when an idea for a story popped into my head. I made the decision to write a book and never looked back. I had no formal training and no experience, but the novel was pretty well received. […]

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farewell to 2014

This time last year, I was really looking forward to putting 2013 behind me. In 2013, I broke up with my boyfriend, my sister’s beautiful dog Gypsy passed away, and my boss of seventeen years and best friend was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Leukemia. So, despite the fact that my third novel […]

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Dear Santa

I have decided to write a letter to Santa Claus with my list of Christmas wishes. I am Jewish, but for the sake of this blog post, I’m pretending that Santa Claus loves me as much as my Christian friends and would read my letter and honor my Christmas wishes. I have been very nice, […]

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