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Contact Meredith by email:

For rights or business inquiries, please contact my literary agent: Melissa Edwards at Stonesong

Editing Services

I am now offering developmental editing/manuscript critique and query/blurb editing services:

What my services include:

I will read your manuscript and advise what works and what does not work. For the latter, I will provide detailed suggestions on plot development, character development, “show vs. tell,” dialogue, and pacing.  I will provide a thorough report of my comments and suggested amendments. (The length of the report will vary depending upon the needs of the manuscript.) If you choose the deluxe service, I will also mark up the manuscript itself to point out specific areas needing work and making note of obvious typographical and grammatical errors.

What my services do not include:

I will not re-write your novel, nor will I attempt to change your voice/writing style. Although I completed a copy editing class in October, 2013, the majority of my experience is in developmental editing so I will not do a major copy edit of your manuscript. I recommend a professional copy editor to all authors, especially for those seeking to self-publish. (Please ask me for suggestions regarding copy editors and proofreaders.) I will not forward your manuscript to agents/publishers.

Who will benefit from my services?

Authors looking to self-publish who will not have a developmental editor assigned by a publisher.
Authors looking to get their book in the best possible condition before submission to agents/publishers.
Authors looking for more attention than the average “beta read.”

Fees for standard service (does not include mark-up of manuscript):

less than 60,000 words – $250

60-89,000 words: $300

90,000-100,000 words – $350

More than 100,000 words – TBD

Fees for deluxe service  (includes mark-up of manuscript:

less than 60,000 words – $350

60-89,000 words: $400

90,000-100,000 words – $500

More than 100,000 words – TBD

Query/Blurb critique/revision:


I accept payments by check, PayPal, or Cash App. I will require a 50% down payment before I begin work.

My expertise is romantic comedy, contemporary romance, contemporary new adult, commercial women’s fiction, and chick lit; however, I am open to receiving requests in other genres. Any interested author should provide a blurb of the book and the first three-five pages so that I can see if we are a good match before either of us spends time/money. I want to do the best job I can for you, and you deserve someone who can give your manuscript the proper attention. I reserve the right not to accept a request if I do not think it is a good fit for my strengths, experience and abilities.


“Meredith Schorr is one of my favorite authors by far. I am extremely fortunate because Meredith assisted me with each one of my novels. Over the course of many years, I have worked with Meredith in numerous ways, including developmental editing and blurb crafting. Meredith is brutally honest, but in a kind and caring way. When you work with her, it becomes crystal clear she only wants the best for her clients. Between her thought- provoking questions and keen insights, her assistance was invaluable. She pushed me outside my comfort zone and helped me create novels I am extremely proud of. I know I couldn’t have done it without her. Also, Meredith is a wonderful and funny person who makes a stressful situation like editing pleasurable.” Hilary Grossman, author of Go On, Girl. January, 2020.

“Meredith was a considerable help to me in finishing the sequel to my first novel, The Paris Effect. It turned out that writing a sequel that can also stand on its own is a lot harder than it looks! I was lucky to have Meredith able to offer balanced, constructive critique with lots of helpful comments and suggestions. She is easy to work with, prompt, pleasant, and always smart. My upcoming novel will be a much better book as a result. I can recommend Meredith to any author at any stage of writing. ” K.S.R. Burns, May,  2017

“I’d read a few of Meredith’s books – which I loved – and was very excited at the thought of working with her on my second novel, Stuck with Me.  And I wasn’t disappointed. I loved her honest, insightful and constructive feedback which really helped me to improve and shape Stuck with Me in the best possible way and turn it into the novel that it is today. I highly recommend Meredith’s services and look forward to working with her again in the future.” Cassandra Piat , February, 2017

“After finishing a draft of my first attempt at a novel, I was happy to find out that Meredith provides editing services — I love all of her work, and I was hopeful that she’d be as good an editor as she is an author. I wasn’t disappointed! Meredith provided great feedback and constructive criticism; she pointed out some problems that I never would have thought of on my own, and suggested fixes for them. Super valuable!” – Dana Olsen, June, 2016

“I had gone through a few revisions of my book before hitting a wall. Feeling stuck and unsure of which way to go or not go, I reached out to Meredith for a manuscript critique. Her feedback introduced a point of view that I wasn’t able to see myself. She helped me understand the holes in the story that needed to be fixed so that I could continue driving the book into the right direction.” -Emha Goliesh, author of June 9th coming August, 2015

“I fell in love with Meredith’s writing after reading one of her novels and was thrilled to learn that she offered editing services for other writers. As many aspiring novelists know, there is no shortage of places to have people summarily destroy your work —and your dreams—in the name of “feedback.” To my absolute delight, Meredith turned out to be the real deal. Her critiques were well thought out, thorough, and the product of a trained critical eye. While no one wants to hear anything negative about their novel, Meredith offers what every writer wants and needs: constructive criticism. Many authors can be too close to their work and can’t see glaring inconsistencies or plot flaws; that’s where Meredith comes in. She can help you resolve those issues and give you a game plan for moving forward–especially if you’ve found yourself stuck. I highly recommend Meredith’s services and am grateful to have found her.” —Brenda Pearson, Virginia 10/22/2014

“Meredith provided thoughtful and critical feedback for my novel in an efficient, concise and approachable manner. Her assistance and support throughout the writing process made it possible for me to have a product I could confidently submit to publishers. Thanks to her suggestions, my debut novel will be published in December 2013 — and without having to do any major rewrites prior to publication.” – Laura Chapman, author of Hard Hats and Doormats to be published by Marching Ink in December, 2013

“Meredith Schorr critiqued my second novel, and her help has been invaluable. She offered a detailed, thorough and honest report on suggestions for development, character insights and asked the right questions to tighten the storyline. Not only is she an excellent writer herself, but she also provides such keen and intelligent feedback that I would ask her to read any novels I write. Thank you, Meredith, for your fantastic work!” – Samantha Stroh Bailey, author of Finding Lucas

Disclaimers/Guarantees –

I cannot guarantee your work will be published.
I cannot guarantee that others will love your work, even if I do.
I will maintain your full and complete privacy and confidentiality.
I reserve the right to return your manuscript, along with a full refund, if I am unable to complete your critique.
Once a price is agreed upon, I will honor it even if I raise the prices for new clients.
All communication is limited to email at this time.
All services are non refundable.

If interested, please contact me by email.



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