How much change can this Capricorn handle?

I’m a Capricorn, and one of the stereotypical characteristics of Capricorns is that they are ruled by their wallets—materialistic and money-hungry. This does not describe me at all, and so I tend to hate reading my horoscope, because while I’m looking for insight into my personal relationships, they almost always focus on my financial situation and whether I’m likely to get a promotion at work. There are, however, some traits assigned to Capricorns that do apply to me. One of these is being fiercely loyal, and another is a dislike/fear of change. This blog post focuses on the latter, because there has been a crap-load of change in my world over the last two weeks, and I’ve lost a lot of sleep over how the modifications will affect my life.

The first and most major change is that the publisher of my five novels, Booktrope, announced that they are closing their doors effective May 31st. I’m not going to comment on why this is happening, or how I feel about this development or the company for that matter, because it is what it is—it doesn’t matter what I think because the circumstances are out of my control—but as a result, all five of my books will be temporarily off the market after May 31st.

If you’ve already read my novels, great. If you’ve downloaded them, but haven’t had a chance to read them yet, have no fear as they will not disappear from your e-reader and you’ll still be able to read them at your leisure after June 1st. If you haven’t downloaded some or any of my books, now is a great time as three of them are only .99 cents—Just Friends With Benefits from May 16th until May 22nd, and Blogger Girl and Novelista Girl for the rest of the month. But if you’re not ready to take the leap, no worries as the books will be available again at some point in the future.

Some of you are probably curious what I plan to do with the novels when the rights revert to me on June 1st. I can’t tell you—yet—and this is because I don’t know—yet. What I can tell you is that the books will not be unavailable indefinitely and I am working on it! I want to do what is best for the novels and for my writing career in general, and sometimes these things take a little time. I promise to keep you posted. And I assure you that I’m still writing. Not only will the first five books be back after a brief hiatus, but there will be a sixth, seventh, and eighth book, too. I’m a writer. It’s what I do.

But back to my dislike of change. One of the reasons I love where I live is its proximity to my office building and my gym. I’m about a fifteen minute walk to work and, since my fitness center is right next door to my apartment, I basically roll out of bed and fall into the gym. This will not be the case after June 5th as shortly after I received the news of my publishers’ shutting down, my gym announced they were closing my location! I belong to New York Sports Club, and so there are several locations I can frequent instead, but I enjoy spin classes and the closest one with a cycling studio is about a fifteen-minute walk away. I go to the gym in the morning and I shiver at the thought of walking in brutally cold temperatures for a six-thirty a.m. spin class. There is a more ideally located Crunch gym across the street from my apartment, and I will definitely be checking it out soon. I’m not thrilled about having to cross the street after almost a decade of being able to run to the gym in shorts and a T-shirt in below-zero temperatures, but I’ll take it over a fifteen-minute walk!

To add insult to injury, ABC announced the cancellation of both Castle and Nashville! Although I’m not that upset about Castle, since I’d rather it be cancelled then proceed without Beckett anyway, I will shed some tears over the ending of Nashville, especially since I doubt the producers were given enough notice to give the show the finale it deserves, which means Gunnar and Scarlet, Deacon and Rayna, and Avery and Juliette will not live happily ever after. And Maddie will likely still be under the influence of that awful Chase! (Although, I just checked and it appears that (a) the writers wrote several alternate season finales in the event the show was cancelled and (b) a few other networks are looking to rescue the show! Perhaps all is not lost…

In general, the month of May has come with a bit more change than comfortable for this Capricorn, but it appears there is light at the end of the tunnel with respect to the fate of Nashville, and I do believe my writing career will eventually benefit from the temporary displacement of my books, too. Right now, I can’t find a silver lining for my gym closing, but maybe I’ll meet a sexy and available gentlemen at my new gym. Or perhaps something cool will open in its place, like a book store! Anything is possible and until I know for sure, I’ll write my own happy ending.

I’m a writer. It’s what I do.