A Life Plan Similar to Swiss Cheese – guest post

In celebration of International Grilled Cheese Month*, I wrote a guest post for the lovely Julie Valerie over at Chick Lit Chick Chat. In addition to reading my very deep and thought provoking comparison of Jane Frank’s life plan to Swiss cheese, if you catch the blog by April 29th, you will have an opportunity to win a $5 gift card to Amazon. You can buy five 99 cent ebooks with that. Or two books for $2.99 (hint: A State of Jane is a good one 🙂 )

Check out the post here:


*How cool is it that there is an entire month devoted to one of my favorite sandwiches? I wonder if there is an International Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich month too…


Warning: personal information enclosed

I began my day extremely anxious.  I had a doctor’s appointment, nothing alarming, just your standard “annual physical.” Except that my “annual” physical has not been “annual” in quite a few years.  It’s not that I neglected my health but I concentrated on the specific issues handled by specialists – dentist, eye doctor (optometrist?), gynecologist and dermatologist.  I must confess that with the exception of the dentist, I wasn’t seeing the other doctors like clock-work either, although definitely regularly enough not to be considered negligent.  Anyway, as I woke up in sweats wondering what blood disease I had, if I had thyroid issues, high (or low) blood pressure, etc., I realized it was probably my conscience telling me to start acting like a grown-up and get my butt to the doctor.  It’s just that doctors make me anxious.  Despite the fact that they exist to keep me healthy, I am afraid of them.  However, as much as I dread going to the doctor, I adore a good nights sleep and so after a few weeks of interrupted slumber, I summoned the balls and made an appointment with an Internist/General Practice physician.  My insurance had recently changed and so I chose a doctor randomly based on her proximity to my apartment and my office.  My appointment was this morning and so I began my day anxious. During my workout at the gym, I worked out hard, noting to myself that if I was dying, I probably wouldn’t be able to work out as often and with as much intensity as I do.  And when all of my favorite songs randomly came up on my ipod, I decided it was a sign that everything would be just fine.  But I was still nervous.  (I’m sure I sound like a huge baby/drama queen.  And yes, I am both of those things sometimes…)    

When I got to the doctor’s office and began filling out my insurance information, my stomach was tied up in knots and it remained that way after the nurse brought me into the room and told me to wait for the doctor.  The doctor came in and introduced herself to me before I was told to undress which I thought was a nice touch.  It might have been awkward meeting her for the first time wearing nothing but a thong and a paper robe.  I was less nervous after she left me to change.  And even less nervous after she took my blood pressure and said it was perfect, was pleased with my weight, felt my neck and said my thyroid was fine, gave me a breast exam and concluded that I seemed pretty darn healthy to her and that she would send someone in to take my blood and give me an EKG.  By the time my blood was taken, I wasn’t even nervous anymore and was just extremely happy that I had started what I decided would definitely be an annual tradition.  For real this time.  My life is way too important to me and my health plays a huge (the hugest) part of my life and should not be neglected.  Although I am still awaiting the results of my blood work, I am currently content with the knowledge that I did what I had to do.  While I was feeling brave, I even made an appointment for my first mammogram.  I’m sure I will not sleep the night before but knowing that the doctor didn’t find any lumps during her exam and that I am young and healthy will hopefully keep me from nightmares of having breast cancer. 

I gotta say, getting older comes with a lot of crap I would prefer to avoid, including the aforementioned mammogram but the alternative to getting older is not something I am ready to face.  I have too much love to give and receive and too many more books to write to take my health lightly.   

So…what else?

I’m excited to report that I am *this close* to submitting my third book to my publisher. The book has now been through many, many rounds of edits and several scenes have been re-written based on my own instincts as well as the comments from my fabulous beta readers and someone I like to call my “pre-editor” (because she was so much more than just a beta reader) and I think it’s ready. To be sure, I sent the revised version back to the pre-editor to get her final comments, but once I get the go-ahead from her and perfect the dreaded query/blurb, it will be good to go. I’m so excited. And nervous…I would tell you the working title of the novel but considering A State of Jane had two other titles before it became A State of Jane, I’m afraid to get too attached to a title. I would also tell you about the novel, but I don’t want to jinx myself in case my publisher hates it. They won’t hate it though!

What else? I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by my “to-do” list lately but I am slowly crossing things off. Unfortunately, each time I cross something off, something else pops up to take its place. I just made an appointment for a physical so that’s one thing to cross off. I’ve been kind of bad about going to “regular” doctors and have just been going to specialists so I think it’s time for a general physical – blood work and all that. I feel fine, so no worries there but I should be taking better care of myself. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night from dreams (er, nightmares) that I have some sort of terminal illness so I think getting a physical will ease my mind. At least I hope so… Anyone else negligent about going to the “regular” doctor or is it just me?

Hmm, what else? I made an appointment for a Kerotine treatment for my hair now that “frizzy hair” season is on its way. I made an appointment for a bikini wax because, well, I’m very groomed like that! TMI?  Lots of appointments have been made.

What else? I wrote my post for Julie Valerie’s blog on combining chick lit with International Grilled Cheese Month, so that’s another item crossed off of the list. Unfortunately, I still need to do so many other things like clean my apartment; buy shoes for that “in between” weather when it is too warm for boots but not warm enough for sandals; write a blog (oh, I’m doing that right now – cool); read the book for my next book club etc. I know some of these things seem like no big deal but my day consists of getting up early and going to the gym, working from 9:30-6:30 (on average), writing, promoting, trying to fit in time with friends, catching up on television (I’m addicted to The Following, The Mindy Project, Revenge and several others), and sleeping (I require more sleep than the average person) and so when I finally have down time, I find it difficult to motivate to do such things like unclog my bathtub, go through my closets and throw out all of the clothes I never wear anymore, do my laundry, get a pedicure, pick up more toilet paper at Duane Reade… Aargh, and just like that, I added about six more things to my to-do list!

Like Paula Abdul said, “One step forward, two steps back.”

What else? Time to get back to work 🙂

Until next time!

To my single sisters

Jane Frank, the main character in my novel A State of Jane is ready to fall in love again after terminating her only long-term relationship. Although Jane Frank and Meredith Schorr (me…) do not have much in common, we both did battle with the New York City dating jungle at one time or another and we both tried many different ways to meet “the one.”

Since A State of Jane deals at least in part with Jane’s journeys in dating, I was asked by Julie from Julie’s Chick Lit to write a post for her blog on 6 ways to go Man-Hunting and I have shared the link with you below. With the exception of matchmaking, I have tried everything in my post with varying degrees of success (and enjoyment). I tried to be as objective as possible…: