Daydream Believer

I have the day off from work today*. I woke up at 9am, spent over an hour at the gym, showered, ran some errands, picked up lunch, started laundry while eating lunch and when I remove my laundry from the dryer, I am going to go to a coffee shop and do some writing. I also managed to do some social networking/promotion of my book between the gym and getting in the shower.   Since I normally have a full-time day job, I usually need to find the time to do all of the above with approximately 9 less hours in the day, but today I did it all without feeling the slightest bit rushed. 

Having the day off from my day job allows me to pretend to be a full-time writer.  I allow my mind to imagine how awesome it would be if I didn’t need the day job.  If I won the lottery, married rich, or sold enough books that I could write full time.  But I fear I might be dreaming too big, so let’s take a step backwards. 

Last month, I took half a day off from work on February 14th.  It had nothing to do with wanting to spend the morning in bed with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day (especially since we had broken up a week earlier).  No, I took half a day off from work because I was engaged in a cross-promotion of A State of Jane with eight other authors and I knew that I wanted to tweet it, share it, blog it and email anyone and everyone I knew who might be interested in buying my book and those of my comrades at a fraction of the cost.  I knew if I went to work that morning, I would be too busy being a trademark paralegal to be a writer.  I can’t afford to let my day job suffer as a result of my writing but I also did not want to waste an opportunity to get my book in the hands of people who would rather test the waters of my writing for 99 cents than $2.99 by not promoting the sale to the greatest extent possible.  So, I compromised and took the morning off from work.  It was fantastic.  I woke up early and went to the gym, ran some errands, spent a few hours on various social media sites promoting the sale and got into work at 2pm.  Only working in the afternoon allowed my mind to imagine how awesome it would be if I didn’t need a full-time day job. If I won the lottery, married rich or sold enough books that I could afford to work a day job only part time.

As of now, I still need my full-time day job and I thank goodness it needs me as well.  That being said, I am selling more books than I ever did before.  The publication of my 2nd book is definitely driving the sales of my first one and I hope to publish a third one later this year (fingers crossed).  So, while I will continue to feel blessed that I have a day job that pays my rent, affords me the ability to have an active social life and take trips when I want, and comes with medical insurance and a 401k plan, I will also continue to hold onto hope that someday…someday, I will sell enough books so I can be a full-time writer and don’t have to “imagine” what it would be like. 

*This post was actually written last week.

Q & A and giveaway with author Sophie Meyer


I am very excited to welcome Sophie Meyer to my blog today. Sophie is the author of the enchanting new chick lit novel called Where’s the Groom.  Sophie was kind enough to answer some questions about herself and her writing so read below for the answers and leave a comment for a chance to win one of five ecopies of Where’s the Groom!!  

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Me: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Sophie: I’ve been writing since I was about ten, and knew it right away. It’s who I am, natural to me.  Once I started I never wanted to stop.

Me:  What inspired you to write Where’s The Groom?

Sophie: I’ve been around so many women searching for love for so long – and am also very familiar with self-improvement workshops. It often occurred to me that it would great fun to do a novel about both of them…to see how these techniques really worked, take it to the limit. Can we really attract the man of our dreams by changing our consciousness? That was the question that spurred this book.

Me:  Are you working on another novel?  If so, can you give us a sneak peak of what it’s about?

Sophie: I am actually in the process of planning another novel, about star crossed lovers, who are always in the wrong place at the wrong time, until something dramatic happens that changes both of their destinies. It’s about soul mates and what is needed for them to be together at last.

Me: What are some of your favorite books and authors?

Sophie: I love Gone with the Wind and the novels of Jane Austen

Me: What are your biggest fears as a writer?

Sophie: My biggest fear as a writer is that people won’t enjoy what I write, that it won’t connect with others.

Me:  Who would you cast as Ashley in the movie version of Where’s the Groom?

Sophie:  I think Jennifer Anniston or Kate Hudson would be perfect as Ashley.

Me: What would the story of your life be entitled?

Sophie: The story of my life would be entitled The Incredible Circle of Life

Me:  What aspect of writing is easiest/most difficult for you?

Sophie: The easiest part of writing for me is the enjoyment I receive from watching the characters develop as the book goes along. The most difficult part is marketing it – making sure it gets out there and is read.

Me: Any advice for new writers?

Sophie: I’d tell new writers to just sit down and write. Don’t edit, don’t hesitate. Let it all pour out. There’s a wonderful saying I heard about this, “You don’t know what you think until you see what you say”. Say it. Discover surprises. Then you can edit and shape it into what you like.

Me: Biggest celebrity crush?

Sophie: Hugh Grant

Me: Favorite television show?

Sophie: Love The Bachelor

Me: Me too! I love to hate it too 🙂 Favorite romantic comedy movies?

Sophie: Sleepless in Seattle, Moonstruck and Pretty Woman

Me: Guilty pleasure?

Sophie: chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate please?

Me: So… can I take it you like chocolate?  If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you want to be?

Sophie: If I couldn’t be a writer, I’d be a singer (if I had a good voice.)

Me: Do you believe in the power of positive thinking as encouraged by Vince, Ray and eventually Ashley in Where’s the Groom?

Sophie: I do believe in the power of positive thinking. I see how what we believe, hold in mind, and wish for ourselves goes out into the world and attracts all kinds of events and situations.

Thank you, Sophie! 

Check out the blurb for Where’s the Groom here:

Ashley, just turning thirty, is struck with a string of bad dates that keep getting worse. The last of her group of friends to be single, she’s quickly becoming hopeless about finding The One. When a friend convinces her to attend a new-age workshop on making your dreams come true, she gets onto a roller coaster she can’t get off of. The poignant and hilarious comedy of errors begins. The workshop sweeps through her life like a tornado and turns her reality upside down. She is told: visualize it, and he will come. Ashley takes it seriously, and before she knows it, she’s planning a wedding she can’t get out of. There’s only one problem: there’s no groom. Things quickly spiral out of control as one misunderstanding after another occurs, and Ashley’s friends and family become more and more involved and want to know who the groom is? Backed into a corner, Ashley finds herself having to make up one story after another as her wedding plans become more and more of a reality. Everything intensifies as Ashley chooses her bridesmaids and is caught in a whirlwind of looking for dresses, choosing a venue, finding a band, and a thousand other arrangements. Soon a date is set, invitations are sent out, and there is no backing out! As all this goes on, Ashley is desperately dating, hoping for The One to show up in time! The book explores love, dating, fantasies and a thousand crazy detours on the way. In a shocking ending with a twist, Ashley draws true love into her life in the most unexpected way.


And my review here:


And purchase the book here:


Sophie’s bio here:

Sophie Meyer has been writing for years, and has always been in love with love. With a background in psychology, philosophy and theater, she’s helped many find love, avoid detours and climb out of  inevitable pitfalls. The essence of her life and work are exploring the wonderful, spontaneous and unpredictable surprises life loves to provide. She also offers talks and workshops on finding and living a life of love.


Blogger’s Block

I read a tweet today that said, “book writing is much easier than blog post writing.”  I responded to the tweet that I agreed and I do wholeheartedly.  

I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, I was a really good blogger “back in the day.”  I used to blog about my dating experiences, my heart breaks, my frustrations with men, friends and family and just life in general. I loved every minute of it and what’s more, I never ran out of material!

Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, I became much less comfortable putting myself so “out there” and I stopped blogging.  After I published Just Friends with Benefits, I started blogging again but I tried to keep it “professional.”  I blogged about writing and the publication process in general but I kind of hated it.  I love to write more than almost anything in the world but I don’t really care for writing about writing.

I follow another writer’s blog and she manages to write a new post almost every single day and it astounds me.  Never mind the fact that I just don’t have the time for that, I wonder how she comes up with the material!  I’m a very open person in general and so I would absolutely love to let you all in on my deepest feelings and I have a lot of deep feelings!  For instance, it would be so easy to blog about how I’m dealing with my recent breakup, my reentrance into the single world and new men that might come in (and out…) of my life.  But I just don’t think I would be comfortable putting my business out there, especially since my business involves other people too.  And I would love to vent about my insecurities about writing and the manic/depressive like symptoms I experience when I go from reading a 5 star review of A State of Jane to a 3 star one and the chronic fear I have of future 1 and 2 star reviews.  But since I am trying to be a mature, professional author (cough, cough), that’s not an option either! 

Coming up on my blog, I am hosting an Interview and Giveaway with Sophie Meyer, author of the chicklit novel “Where’s the Groom?”  I wish I could give you the heads up on what else is coming down the pike on but I really have no idea and will have to play that by ear.  My intention is to keep this blog a hybrid between topics related to writing/writers/books and pop culture relating thereto and topics relating to me, myself and I (to the extent I feel comfortable).  I did promise in my earlier post “Blog Vows” that I would keep it real and not only blog about writing and I will do my very best to honor that vow.

Until next time…